How Do You Keep the House Clean? and Keep up with the Kids and Parent?

Updated on January 17, 2018
L.C. asks from Gastonia, NC
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i clean all the time but it seems to just get messier and messier, i cant keep up. i have insomnia and i get all the cleaning done in one night and i try to get my mom and siblings to not make messes because it always ends up being my responsibility but as soon as everyone is up it is a mess. we are only a house of 4 people

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So What Happened?

my dads in Ontario.. i see him every second weekend, i'm not trolling.. but just forget everything i posted i guess.... my user name was just a copy of my Instagram name.. i'm sorry for wasting your time.. ill get off the parenting website cause obviously i'm not an actual parent or anything

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answers from Springfield on

do you have a school counselor you could talk to? you sound stressed out and need an adult to guide you and help you and it also sounds like your mom is relying on you a bit too much. she needs to step up and me a mom. you should not be responsible for your younger siblings. you are just a child.. you should be worrying about boys and periods and schoolwork not housework laundry and baby diapers. tell your mom to step up or let you live with dad. (or grandparents or anyone who would be a competent parent)

Suz. T, if she has 2 siblings that makes 3 kids to the one mother. making it a 4 person household.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I allow natural consequences to those that won't do their jobs. If my husband doesn't do the dishes I leave them. They are HIS responsibility. So if he doesn't do them today and comes in tomorrow and is gagging because they stink, he learns he needs to do them every single day.

Same with the jobs that the kids have. I give them jobs that don't infringe on me. For instance, I wouldn't give them laundry duty because I like to do the laundry and if I want to go wash my sheets I don't want to go in and find wet stinky mildewed laundry in my washer that they ran off and forgot a week ago.

I do the litter box even though I hate it because the cats don't deserve to have to do without anyone cleaning their area. That's the only chore that I do that I dislike.

I do the jobs that I enjoy. I am NOT their servant. I am willing to let them learn.

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answers from Norfolk on

Why isn't your mother in charge of your family?

You've got two posts

"how do you keep the house clean? and keep up with the kids and parent?

i clean all the time but it seems to just get messier and messier, i cant keep up. i have insomnia and i get all the cleaning done in one night and i try to get my mom and siblings to not make messes because it always ends up being my responsibility but as soon as everyone is up it is a mess. we are only a house of 4 people"


"is this normal? am i not supposed to be so stressed?

I am a 14 year old girl, in the morning i get my sister ready and help my mom out with my baby brother, i change every dipper, i pick kids up at 4 pm and watch them till 8 pm but my mom stops work at 6 so i don't know if shes just out or anything.. our house is only 25 mins away, i cook all the time. i do the dishes, i clean up the kitchen and hallway and kids room and bathroom. i clean up after bunny's and cats. everyday. i do every bit of cleaning in this house. i take out the trash, i do the lawn dry, i take care of a 2 year old. i try my best to get income anyway i can but i'm not aloud to get a job because then our house would pass the income brackets so i cant make money in anyway but my mom wants me to pay for my own school trips and everything like that, i am shovel the yard and help my sister with homework. i'm expected to never have breakdowns and i end up having to solve a lot of the issues in this house.. i've never cried in front of my mom since i was 5 because i don't want to make anything harder on her. i feel so stressed out. and i never can do homework. infact i never do homework while trying to keep being a honor roll student not only that but i'm a loser in school but that doesn't bother me cause i have home to worry about.... its so stressful to me and to add to it i have insomnia causing anxiety.. and it gets more stressful because no other 14 year old in my school seems to do so much but i still think that i have no reason to be stressed.. isn't it supposed to be normal for a 14 year old to have chores.. how come i'm so stressed? i got used to doing it all in one day but it still stresses me out sooo much. my left eye wont stop twitching (sorry i may not be a mother but.. i want the type of help mothers get because its really useful since most teens don't have the exact same problems as me) "

If this is real - where is your father?
Maybe talking this over with a counselor at school will get social services involved to get your mom some help.
At the very least - you and your siblings being placed in foster home(s) gets all this off your back.

If this is a troll -
and your profile pic and name (L.-Stupid-Emo-Child ?) tend to make me think that this is the case -
get a life and quit trolling a parent site.



answers from Miami on

Have each person be responsible for their own messes, unless it's an infant. Since the age of 2-3, I showed my daughter that after playing with her toys, she was to put them away. Dirty clothes went into the hamper. I told her I would not be responsible for missing or broken toys if they were not put away and she has always been organized since. She will ask me to put away any clothes or toys I buy her if she's not home, and will tell me where to store them.

You can have the members of your household do these things and keep the place organized. If things are a mess already, enlist everyone's help in helping to organize and keep and discard items. Do that room by room, but don't tackle it all in one day. Also, I always sweep after dinner, takes 5 minutes, and takes care of food crumbs, seasoning, or other things that may have fallen on the floor while cooking and cleaning up.


answers from Washington DC on

L., i suggest that you just stop taking responsibility for the entire house. keep your room as clean as you want, and yeah, do the dishes or whatever, but your mother and siblings' messes aren't your deal.

your other post indicated two siblings. so how is it a four person household?

ETA ooops, not enough coffee to go with my math! sorry, L.!

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