How Do You Keep Outdoor Toys Up?

Updated on February 05, 2009
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
4 answers

I had a container for the outdoor toys, but it was still getting rainwater in it. How do you guys keep outdoor toys put away and safe from rain water? I can't seem to find a water proofed container.

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answers from Dallas on

i second drilling holes in the bottom. i had a table for my daughter outside & it got water in it, i just had dh drill holes in it & it's fine! in the winter i try to make room for the stuff in the shed.



answers from Dallas on

Perhaps you can find a waterproof grill cover that would fit over your toy box, or if not, a tarp.



answers from Dallas on

I put all of our balls and such in a big, wheeled garbage can (like the schools use for outdoor equipment). The handles lock it shut and water hasn't gotten in yet. You could always put smaller toys in a container and set it inside on top of the bigger toys so they don't get stuck at the bottom...



answers from Wichita Falls on

Drill holes in the bottom of a plastic container (i.e. sterilite) - store it on something that keeps it from standing in water (i.e. those wood crate things they stack boxes on at Wal-Mart).

It doesn't keep water out, but all of our outside toys are hard plastic or metal - things that can tolerate getting wet, just not staying that way - and thanks to the drainage holes at the bottom, water doesn't stay in. A kid also can't suffocate.

Good luck

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