How Do You Home School on a Bugdet?

Updated on August 11, 2008
J.G. asks from Oldsmar, FL
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Hi moms,

I have question for those of you who homeschool your kids. How do you homeschool on a tight budget? Not just for books and materials...but how do you include "extracirricular activities" to get your kids to socialize, when on a budget? Are extra activites (ie. swimming classes, dance classes) set specially for home schoolers? And are they expensive?
How do you do afford it all???

Thanks in advance,

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answers from Kansas City on


Congratulations on considering homeschool! Check out if you are in the Kansas City area. 4-H is a great organization to get involved in by the time your child is 7 years old. We have 8 children and have found that church activities, a homeschool "group" that meets at least once a month, and our normal friends have provided plenty of socialization. One of our daughters is now dating and when I commented on how difficult it is to have a conversation with her boyfriend, her response was, "Oh, Mom, he wasn't homeschooled, so he doesn't feel comfortable with adults." We also found that our income increased through the years, so the younger children have had opportunity to take classes the older children missed out on. So far, the older children are better "socialized" than the younger!! As far as curriculum goes, there are several used curriculum opportunities out there. A popular one in the KC area is Home Works, located in Olathe. Their phone # is: ###-###-#### or e-mail: [email protected]
I wish you the best. Remember, YOU and your husband are who your children really want to be around right now. Take advantage of their interest in everything you do and let them be your helper as much as possible. They will learn a lot and maybe they will be able to hold a conversation with an adult when they are older!! : )

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My kids go to a public school, but I still like to do extra curricular activities on a budget.

The library has so many resources and programs, all are usually free. The Johnson County library has a summer reading program, if they complete their reading log, they earn a free book. (They also have alot of information about homeschooling.)

Crown Center currently has a free exhibit about money and banking - they almost always have something free going on. Don't forget Kaleidescope while you are there! It's free, too.

Blue Valley and Johnson County Parks and Rec have alot of programs and very reasonable prices. If you don't live in this area, check out what your county offers. Usually, the library has catalogs or you can go on-line to see what they offer.

Look for a publication called "Mother and Child Reunion", it has alot of information about things that are going on around town. They usually include costs, if any.

Also, if you are doing something that is educational/curriculum related, don't hesistate to ask for a reduced rate for admission. Let them know you are homeschooling and see if they can offer some reductions. The worst that can happen is that they say no. :)

Last, but not least, don't forget about Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts when your kids are older. Both of my kids are involved and it has been great.

Good luck! Your kids are at such fun ages! Enjoy!

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It can be hard. But not impossible. Then again, I don't know if you are talking about no budget basically or a small one.

We used to take our daughters to the summer swim team in Liberty Missouri. It was like 75 dollars for the whole summer. I don't know what it's gotten up to. But that was cheap 10 years ago and I'm sure whatever it is today it's still reasonable.

You can join some groups homeschooling groups and go to the zoo together, get together and help each other with projects, homework etc as well as plan field trips through local factories or other businesses.

You could get a group of kids together and go bowling from time to time. Nothing is cheap anymore. You'll just have to be creative.

One thing the girls and I used to do is go to the park in the early spring and late fall. We would march around the walking track and recite our times tables. That would take care of PE, Math, and get us out at a time when public school kids are stuck inside. We would play before leaving. It's a privelage that was very enjoyable for us. Find some other homeschoolers and plan picnics after doing some organized physical games and whatever you can think of.

For piano I used to pay 10 dollars per hour. I know that's cheaper than what most places charge. I put an ad in the paper telling what I was willing to pay and I didn't have any shortage of people that called me willing to help. We went through a few before we found the right person. We did the same thing for math tutoring and for science help/projects. Again, you could get with some other homeschooling families and share in these types of expenses and then get group classes going.




answers from Kansas City on

Hi Jenn,

We were always broke growing up and my parents homeschooled us. Mom started selling Usborne Books to make a little extra Money and to get the books for free and really cheap for our lessons.

The books had a lasting affect on me, so I am now selling them to get them for my children!

If you are still in need of books for free then you can host a party with me. Right now for the months of Aug and Sept, I can offer double FREE books PLUS every time a friend books a show from you then you will be able to get $20 worth of books for $5 at her show. You can also check out my mamasoure perk!

Usborne offers a lot of wonderful books and also joined with "Wrap Ups" for Homeschoolers to use in their daily lessons.

Please let me know if I can help you further!

P.S. That is wonderful about being a childbirth educator! I had my first son in the upstairs bathroom, I was very thankful for the little bit that I knew before that happened. A paramedic showed up right when my son came out so he helped my husband catch him. I'm sure you will help lots of women!



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I don't homeschool yet, but I know many families who do and I know that they find their homeschool co-ops to be invaluable. The kids are always doing interesting things organized by other homeschooling families. Here's a resource for groups in MO:

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