How Do You Go About Looking for a Business/service?

Updated on January 18, 2010
A.G. asks from Elgin, IL
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Happy Sunday Morning Ladies,
I am one year in business now and business is growing. I am having a great referal rate from existing customers and I just love how things are going. I have found my life purpose in being the different kind of pet groomer.
On the other hand now that the kids get older and are in PreK Kindergarten, plus I have much improved and am getting faster, I could add some new customers to my existing customer list.
So my question is, when you Mommies are looking for a new business or services, how do you go about it?
What search engines are you using online when looking up a business ( e.g.,, etc.)
I have registered with the free online tools and am now evaluating if it is worth it to advertise online in ads that have a fee to it ( e.g.
Thanks a lot for taking the time to read and leave your input!

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answers from Chicago on

I always search google for business/services. Good luck!

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For business and personal, I search everything on Google. If you're in business for yourself and want to advertise but have a limited budget, I recommend Google Adwords. It's a program they offer that you do have to pay for but it's reasonable and you set your limits and budget. I used it at my last employer and I am again with my new employer. It's been a very successful program for us. I definitely recommend it.

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I always check Angie's List.

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