How Do You Get Through the Fatigue?

Updated on March 18, 2010
R.S. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi there,

Our baby is 7.5 months and still waking several times throughout the night. Most of the time we get her down quickly, other times she'll seem wide awake and alert at the most random times during the night. Either way, the interrupted sleep over the last several months is really taking its toll. Most days, my husband and I feel groggy and out of it and our energy levels have really plummeted. There are days when, by 5 pm, my eyelids feel heavy and I want to crawl in to bed. I know this is all part of motherhood and I know that many babies are already sleeping through the night at this age (this is not a post asking about sleep training...), but ours is not and we accept that and are hoping that things will begin to shift in a more positive direction soon. So, please share your thoughts about how you deal with the fatigue. I'm not working outside the home, and I do try to nap when she does, but my body doesn't always want to fall in to a deep sleep right when she's napping. I'm still taking prenatals so I assume I'm getting enough iron. I probably do not drink enough water during the day, nor do I get enough exercise I'm sure.

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So What Happened?

Thank you very much for all the reassurance! I guess as a first-time mom at 35, with a now 8 month old who thinks it's cool to wake up between 2 and 4 times a night, I'm not exactly going to be Miss Energy. I wish she'd just sleep in 5 or 6 hour stretches at least, as I imagine I'd feel like a new woman! Since she refuses a bottle, there goes the idea of giving her some formula right before bed to help hold her over---- alas, that's for a different post.

Thanks again---

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I definitely don't agree with what liz said, that sounds like unsound advice. Is she some kind of doctor or something?

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My 6 month old wakes several times also and I stay at home too. I don't nap when he naps and frankly, I don't understand how that works for anyone! I don't seem to have any issues with being run down so I'll share my lifestyle with you. I eat mostly whole foods frequently throughout the day and drink lots of water. I also keep busy and get out at least once a day. I find that I'm most tired when I try to stay in bed longer in the morning. My son wakes up for good between 5:30 and 7 and I never can tell if he'll go back down. If we're awake between these hours, I just stay up even if I'm able to get him back down. I find that if I try to go back to bed and he only sleeps for half an hour, I'm worse off. I use this time to do some light exercising and stretching, that really helps! Good luck:)

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This may sound nuts, but when my oldest son was a baby (about that same age) he loved to wake up between 4:30-5 am to eat. That was really tough.

I somehow thought to put his swing by our bed and could usually get him to snooze another hour or two in there (he loved motion/vibration).

Of course you want to make sure that's a safe thing to do for your baby.

It used to amaze me how that extra hour or two would help me feel not so dogged tired (what you're going through is really hard).

Good luck!

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My son is almost 3 and still wakes up 1 to 2 times in the middle of the night, most of the time he just wants to know Mom and Dad are still in their bed, so I walk him back to bed and he is back to sleep. I take vitiams and drinks lots of coffee and cross my fingers that one night he will sleep the entire night :)



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My baby woke up at night until just after she turned one. EVERY other baby I know personally, either in my family or from friends, did not sleep through the night regularly until at least one year of age, so I happen to belive this is perfectly normal. Good for you for accepting it rather than trying to "sleep train" those nights that I let myself be talked into that were the most miserable nights of my life. If attended to my daughter would go back to bed quickly, if we tried to "let her soothe herself" hysterical crying ensured for hours! Bad idea!

I went back to work at 6 no naps for me. I simply went to bed early, some nights as early as 7 PM.
As for working out... if you can just go for walks with your baby. It really helps with the energy level and will tire your LO out.
Good luck!


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Having gone through some of that myself, I really feel for you. Shaklee supplements really helped me tremendously, especially the Energyzing Protein and B complex. I was so impressed I became a distributor. If you are interested let me know.
And yes, it seems like forever, but it will get better!



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It took me quite awhile to learn to nap when ever I could. When my son was a toddler sometimes the whole family would lay down to get him napping and we'd all end up sleeping for a few hours on the weekends. Try to get a little exercise every day. I use to take our son to the mall in the morning before the stores were open so I could walk him in his stroller no matter what the weather was like (lots of people walking in the mall at that time of day). Once the weather was nicer, we'd put our son in a back pack carrier and walk around parks to enjoy the fresh air. If you can get the little exercise, it really helps you get a better quality sleep when you get the chance. It's hard to get through, but this phase will pass and you will get more sleep eventually.



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Aside from the usual - take care of yourself and eat well, make time for you and your husband. Get a sitter if you have to. Also, we found - when our kids weren't sleeping well that on the weekends we would alternate nights when one of us could go to the guest room and sleep! This may not be an option if you are nursing at night, but you can still carve out and literally schedule time for YOU. Recharge those batteries.. and know it will get better.



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change your vitamin sometimes our body gets used to them and try the "Naked" fruit smoothies.water will help but between the two of you it shouldn't be so hard. She's little play with her take her outside and let her play, play, play. you two will get some sleep after that.



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My husband and I recently switched our vitamins and feel amazing. We both started taking Luminex for depression and anxiety and it has really boosted our mood. He turned to me the other day and said, “I have so much more energy and I get so much more down now.” Luminex contains natural ingredients including St. Johns Wart, griffonia seed, folate, and vitamin B12, and it may be something to help with your fatigue. Look into it further. Let me know if you’re interested and I can help you get it. Hang in there mama!


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Oh the joys of motherhood! I thought that I too had to "live with it". But we really do need to take care of ourselves. You hit the nail on the head with drinking lots of water and getting some exercise....walking the baby inside or out will help you too. The days are getting warmer and we ALL need the fresh air and Vitamin D.

I am a true believer in a good diet so make some refreshing smoothies from real fruits and veggies. Antioxidants and good supplements (have to agree with the post that not vitamins are alike or will be absorbed into your body and therefore are waisted!). I use probiotics and other great supplements that are natural and organic. Your body craves good nutrition and if you get yourself a nap when your baby goes down for one, eat and drink well, get some fresh air and Vitamin D, you'll soon be feeling some great results. I'd love to be of more help if you want to contact me personally. I've been through this 3 times and now my kids are teens and our lifestyle is even busier!! Enjoy these times and do make time for you and your husband. It can be a joyful experience....parenthood that is!!

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Lots of coffee! My son still wakes up at night and he is 17 months old. He woke up three times last night and was up for good at 5:45 (teething)! I couldn't believe it because he normally sleeps til about 7:30. I passed out in his rocking chair today while I was getting him to take his nap, lol!

Also, I don't think there are lots of babies out there sleeping through the night. I think those are few and far between, and even those mothers might be fibbing a bit.

Hang in there! We'll get to sleep some day. I've gotten used to the deprivation for sure!

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