How Do You Get Pee Out of a Matress?

Updated on April 17, 2009
J.L. asks from Exeter, NH
11 answers

My son wet the bed again last night! Do you have any advice on how to best get pee out of a matress? I hear there are some enzyme products that will "eat" up the pee. Is any one familiar with them and do they work?

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answers from Boston on

Hi J..
Since urine is sterile you don't need to worry about buying any special products (my best friend is a microbiologist specializing in viruses and bacteria, and he has assured me of this). Your only real issue is the smell. I have used a little liquid Lysol or Pine Sol with a sponge and it has worked beautifully. Fabreze also does a wonderful job. Good luck!

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answers from New London on

You can soak the area with diluted vinegar and then let it dry out in the sun. You can purchase a urine enzyme cleaner at your supermarket. If you can't find one in the cleaning aisle, you'll find one in the pet aisle.



answers from Bangor on

Hi. Not sure about the pee out of the mattress, but to save future mattress accidents, get some mattress protectors. (I, as an adult had to invest in some due to spinal/bladder issues) I was hesitant at first, because all I was familiar with was the old rubbery ones that made noise every time you moved and I didn't want to be sel conscious if anyone sat on the bed, that they'd hear that noise and "know" someone had a problem. But my husband told me, (and he was right) they made padded fabric ones now that go right under the regular fitted sheet...
Hope that helps a little. W.



answers from New London on

I buy a liquid product at Walmart called Kids and Pets. It's a big white and blue bottle and you just pour it liberally out onto the pee stain. It's enzymatic and completely gets rid of the smell. It's safe around kids too. The smell is slightly cherry at first, then slightly like rubbing alcohol. It fades away within an hour and then there's no smell left at all.
We love this stuff and buy it 3 bottles at a time.
I know it works well on kid pee- we've used it on our child's mattress a couple of times. It also works super well on cat urine. We use it to rinse out litter boxes too.
It's cheap too!
One more thing... don't use vinegar on your mattress!! Unless you want to smell pickles all night for weeks! It's impossible to get out the vinegar smell unless you can completely rinse the mattress (not possible!).



answers from Springfield on

Well after you clean it your best bet would be to leave a matress cover on it. I'm not sure on what product would be best I used some stuff by melaleuca when my son's matress cover got wrecked and it soaked through to the matress and it seemed to do the job and I followed it up w/ a steam clean. they have several steam cleaners out there that work on all types of surfaces.



answers from Pittsfield on

I would definitely invest in a waterproof matress cover & safe yourself the hassle in the future!



answers from Boston on

hi-i don't know the enzyme but what about a mattress cover? (they sell them for allergies etc)



answers from Springfield on

Pet odor eliminator..

I think I saw something in the pet section at WalMart last night.. something to help train the pets.. (The one I got I got from Pet Smart.)

They have natural enzymes that die after the food source is gone (the urine).. I had to literally pour a bottle on a spot to really saturate it before the smell dissipated!
Keep redoing it until it is gone...
Best of luck!

PS When you've corrected this, I'd go to either Target or Babies R Us and get mattress pads. They have larger ones that I even use under my husband's side of the bed because he sweats! They are washable and a lot more comfortable than the plastic lined ones!



answers from Hartford on

Hi J.,

I found that Urine Off's cat formula spray works wonders for pee-pee on the mattress (I got mine from California Veterinary Supply online: Out of desperation I tried it on the mattress...worked like a charm with both human and dog pee, as well removing the cat pee from the carpet. You just spray it on, blot it off, then spray lightly and let dry naturally. And yes, I'd definitely do a mattress cover, or a towel in a quick pinch :)

Hope it works,




answers from Portland on

It is very easy to figure things out in retrospective yes?
So one must cover the mattress with something waterproof. A zip on soft plastic works well.
Or pads, we had quilted cotton pads. Now they have medical pads that also do the job.
Ok, think I would try the enzyme thingys , see how they work.
You could wet the area with lemon juice, crust the damp juice with salt, and hang the mattress in the sun until it dries. Not sure how or why this works but it is rather an old remedy and worked fairly well in my day.
I am sure there must be new products on the market as effective if not more so but the lemon juice, salt, and sunshine smelled so fresh and good after.
Unless you have a very rare child who stops peeing at night before they are seven I would always protect the mattress.
Children simply get overtired, or have a last minute drink before bedtime, and just cannot keep from peeing at night occasionally.
Especially boys.
Best wishes and God bless
Grandmother Lowell



answers from Springfield on

We use and enzyme cleaner called Bio-Clean Bak Out. You can buy it at Whole Foods. It works great on all kinds of stains like pee and juice. We use it for kid stains and dog stains and it smells really good but not perfumy.

I have a waterproof mattress cover on all our beds. Under the sheets of the kids beds, on top of the mattress cover, I also have those crib size water proof pads placed in the pee zone. So if the kids leak through or have an accident the crib pad usually catches it and I don't have to change the mattress pad too.

Good luck!