How Do You Get Netflix on Your Tv? (Another Tv Question)

Updated on September 06, 2011
J.F. asks from Doylestown, PA
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So I'm not signing up for cable to save money. I was just going to keep my netflix subscription...BUT my ex is keeping the wii, so without Wii or a computer beside the tv how do you get netflix to stream to you tv?

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So What Happened?

i have a computer and internet I just dont want to put it next to the tv

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answers from Los Angeles on

We use a wii which I see you've lost. My daughter uses her laptop, but you don't want it by the tv.
You could use an ipad or ipod if you have one. Need cables though.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I would consider getting a Roku or Blu-ray player that can stream. The Roku box can do Netflix, Hulu+ and other content. You can get them starting at $59.99. That's probably the most cost effective option.

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answers from San Francisco on

we have Apple TV, which costs $99 and uses the internet connection.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Do you have a smartphone? I believe if you have netflix streaming only sub, you can get a cable to connect the fone to the tv, and it streams to the big screen. I'm pretty sure this is how my husband does it.

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answers from Columbia on

I have a DVD/BluRay player that also has Wifi capability. It connects directly to my Netflix. I love it. I bought it at Best Buy (it's their "Insignia" brand).

I don't have cable either. :o)

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answers from Honolulu on

Internet connection... can be used via the TV and the Wii.
You have to hook up, your cabling, as such.
I don't know how, but my Husband got a gadget from Sears, that you put in the back of the TV (which makes it a wireless internet connection), and then you can go online... via the TV too.
But I don't know what kind of TV you have?

You can use your Wii box, as a internet tool, too.
Just look on the Wii menu.
We used to do that.
But now, our TV, has a 'menu' in which there are many internet accessible app's on it. Like Netflix.
What kind of tv do you have?
Fiddle around with it, the menu, and see if it has internet app's on it.
If so, then you can watch streaming Netflix on your TV.


answers from Rochester on

You either need an internet ready TV (which not many people have) or a device that hooks up to your a Wii, or a Roku box, etc. I believe Netflix does the Roku box (maybe I haven't the wrong name, but they do sell a box) that you can hook up to your TV for instant streaming. It's not very expensive...cheaper than a Wii. However, wii's aren't that much these days either.



answers from Philadelphia on

I have an Apple TV. If you have a Mac, it is the perfect compliment because you can view your photos and get your music plus if you buy any movies from the Apple store, you can watch them on your TV. You can also view Flicker and YouTube stuff. The whole thing works together with iTunes which you can also get for PC.


answers from Erie on

We use out Wii, but doesn't Netflix have an option to have a box? I thought my sis did that before they got their X-Box. i know that some people are selling their Wii's to get other systems, so maybe keep an eye on Craigs List or eBay for a used Wii? We use ours for more than just netflix :)

I've heard of Roku too. haven't heard a bad thing about it :)


answers from St. Louis on

You have to have something that receives netflix. I have four different pieces of equipment that do, one of them is the monitor (TV). The others are the Wii, Xbox 360 and my blueray.

I don't have nexflix mind you.

I think my kids said their iPod or something picks it up as well. Then you would need a HDMI/USB cable. Well if you have hi def. If not you could see if they have other converters....

Yeah that's all I got.

Oh Sue, you are computer is needed anymore. :)

Honestly OP look around your house or go online. I would bet you can find something that picks it up.



answers from Philadelphia on

My brother and his wife have a Blu Ray DVD player that is NetFlix compatible. They bought us one last Christmas thinking it was too but it is not. We're not going to watch NetFlix in my bedroom on the computer, nor are we hooking it up to our son's Wii upstairs in his bedroom, so we don't get it until we get a new DVD player which won't be for a very long time.

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answers from Kansas City on

I stream it through my Blu Ray player, I have a friend that does it though one of his game stations, I think XBox. If you go to Netflix's website they will tell you what devices they have that are netflix ready for your tv.



answers from Reading on

We bought a DVD player that is netflix compatible.



answers from Seattle on

Newer TVs will stream without any props.

Ours is not newer.

I just had a cable that hung out of it I'd attach my laptop to when I wanted the screen size of the TV, then we got an xbox360 and now use that.



answers from Minneapolis on

We use a Roku box:

If you don't want your computer next to your TV and attached with a cable, then you need to set up a wireless network. You buy a wireless router and set it up so that your computer and your Roku box (or Wii) can access the internet from anywhere in your house.

And Jo W. is right. There is now something you can buy called the Netflix player that runs Netflix on your TV without using a computer.
You still need the WiFi (wireless Internet network) to make this work.

If this is still confusing, I'd go to a Best Buy and ask someone there to explain it to you.



answers from Dallas on

We have a cheap blue ray. Takes longer to load then it does on the gaming systems, but it works.

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