How Do You Get Crayon Out of Clothes?

Updated on November 18, 2008
K.S. asks from Oakland, MD
5 answers

Please help moms! My son left a red crayon in his pocket and it got washed and dried. It is now all through my dryer and on several items of clothing. Anyone have any ideas how to get red crayon out of clothes? Thanks

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answers from Washington DC on

If it's Crayola... call the 800 number on the box.

My sister's children got loose with crayons one day while she was on the phone. They ran green and red crayons down the middle of her carpet, down each step on their stairs... Arghhhhh! She had the presence of mind to call the number and found out how to handle it (I think it was dishwashing liquid... like Palmolive... but you'd better check). You'd never know it happened (10 years ago). Apparently, if you mix the wrong chemicals, you can set a stain forever (thus the pen leak spot in my living room). She said when she called, it was a huge automated list of things... if you have crayon on clothing, press 1, if you have crayon on carpet, press 2, if you have crayon on walls, press 3, etc. If it isn't Crayola, look the brand up on the web and see if they have any suggestions, otherwise try the other suggestions people have provided here at Mamasource. This is why I ONLY allow Crayola in my house!

Best of luck to you.



answers from Washington DC on

Place clothing crayon side down on an old towel on your ironing board and lightly iron or steam to melt the crayon off of the clothes onto the towel. If you don't have any utility towels you can sacrifice, do this over a layer of damp paper towels. Just don't press down on the clothes, or you'll just squish the melted crayon through the fabric instead of having it drip off in a useful fashion. Good Luck! Ah, the life of a mother, huh? :)


answers from Dover on

For clothing, spray the affected area with full-strength PreSpot. Let it set for a few minutes. Scrub the mark to loosen the crayon from the fabric. If the spot still exists, repeat the procedure. When the crayon has been removed, wash the clothing with MelaPower Laundry Detergent. That should do it.



answers from Washington DC on

Definitely call Crayola. I believe WD-40 mixed with a little dish soap is part of their stain-removal advice. I tried it and it did a good job.



answers from Washington DC on

I had this happen to me a few weeks ago, I did a lot of googling and what I did was this:
-I pre-treated the stains with Spray and Wash/Shout for about 30 mins
-then put 2 little cups of OxyClean in with the wash, along with about 2 cups of detergent (the cup size of the lid)and washed as usual, but with 2 extra rinses to make sure the detergents were really out (detergent can cause rashes if it's not rinsed out completely)

After only one wash, the stains were gone! The only ones that didn't completely come out were the ones that I missed when I was pre-treating, but they came clean when I pre-treated and ran them through the wash again.
I have used this with success on 2 full loads of clothes that had crayon on them (red and green)

I hope this helps!

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