How Do You Get a Recommendation from a Congressman?

Updated on April 11, 2010
C.M. asks from Denton, TX
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Hey Moms,

My husband is applying for the Navy's BDCP program in May. He will have to have some letters of recommendations from employers. The other possible people that they would like letters of recommendations from are pastor, professors, military officers and congressman. He does have several people that will give him a wonderful recommendation. I'm just curious how people get a letter of recommendation from a congressman....any ideas????

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answers from Reno on

You write a letter to the congressman. In it include relevant facts about why he's applying, what he hopes to accomplish and what makes him special so the congressman can decide whether to endorse him. Also try to include anything about overcoming obstacles and such. It'll help. Make an appointment to meet with the congressman's aide or assistant and present the letter to the aide and basically " sell" yourself to the aide. If the aide gets on your side they will take the letter and talk to the congressman for you.. Hope this helps and good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

I have spoken to mine on several occassions and have found their staff very helpful. Hopefully you have an office near you - just call and ask how they would like this approached.... letter, appointment, phone call.... state congresspersons can help as well as national....good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

You have to contact the congressman or senator for the area you live in and then convince them either with a written letter or visit to their local office that you are a person worthy of their support. My husband, a retired Air Force Colonel, had to do this years ago when he wanted to go to the Air Force Academy. He actually got 3 letters from them - one to send him to West Point and 2 to send him to the AFA. A letter should be accompained with some of the recommendations and awards he may have won. In person, you would write a resume type letter to hand carry and talk to representative or his assistant-- to set a favorable impression in their minds. Hope all goes well for him. Sincerely, J.

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answers from Wichita Falls on

Probably just need to send your congressman a letter. It is an election year and they just might do it to get a vote. Be sure to include the position he is applying for, information about him (family, community involvement, & volunteering as examples), and why he feels that he is qualified for the job. Good luck.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Our congressman and state senator actually responded to my daughter's letter she wrote for a class project. I believe most are very responsive to people trying to better themselves especialy our service members.
Do just what Lila sugessted.
And good luck to your husband. We had to do the same thing 15 years ago when mine went into the Marine Corps MECEP program. He didn't have a meeting with the aide but that can't hurt. My hubby wrote a letter outlining his accomplisments and future goals.

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answers from Dallas on

I have never done it before; but this is what I know works to get something in the hands of the CEO of a company - NOT the secretary's hands!

Send your papers (letter and resume?) via FedEx, and mark the package, "Personal & Confidential". Of course, address it directly to the congressman.

Good luck!

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