How Do You Find a Nanny? - Minneapolis,MN

Updated on May 07, 2010
K.L. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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So it hit me today that one of my best friends is having a baby on basically the same day as we are. We all work full time and will need daycare as of December and I was thinking we could probably share a nanny! That would be so great. But now, where to begin? Anyone having experience finding a nanny? How do I go about doing this. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

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My friend who lives in Edina used Nannies from the Heartland to find her sitter. She really liked them. They also helped her with the paperwork regarding paying social security for her nanny.



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Sharing a nanny sounds great in principle but it never seems to work out logistically as then you have to figure out who is carting the baby to the other person's house and if the nanny is sick or on vacation, you are both out of luck. I've hosted live-in au pairs for a long time and it was alot more affordable and much more flexible than a nanny. They live with you and can help with the baby's laundry and other household tasks. Au Pairs live with you can can work up to 45 hours per week with a changing schedule and they don't have other family and school/work responsibilities that can get in the way. I was so happy with this form of childcare, I now help other moms find live-in au pairs. I'm happy to answer any questions about it.



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Go to Google and type in "find a nanny minnesota"...You will see lots of nanny websites. The first page listed is from Resources for Child Caring [it is actually a pdf file]. That has a lot of great information including where to look, what to look for, tax information, etc.
I have not looked for a nanny before, as my son is attending a childcare center, but the first thing I do before any big step is Google it!



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We found both of our fabulous nannies using Craigs List. I was learly, but it really was a great medium to sort through potentials wihtout exposing my famliy to strangers during the "vetting" process. Good luck!



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There are agencies in MN that have nanny's for you to interview you pay a fee for them to find you a nanny.

Otherwise their are nanny's on sittercity and


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