How Do You Do the Easter Basket?

Updated on April 29, 2011
T.L. asks from Austin, TX
17 answers

I was thinking about using the same basket each year and having the girls leave them on the porch or on the backyard patio the night before so the Easter Bunny could find and fill them up. What are some of the things you ladies or gents do?

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So What Happened?

Great ideas everyone, thanks!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

We have had the same baskets for years- when they are babies and still growing and they need bigger baskets they easter bunny is nice enough to upgrade them. We leave them out the night before and the easter bunny fills them ( kinda like stockings at christmas) then when they are done they go back into storage for next year.



answers from Minneapolis on

I bought some cute metal baskets at Target a few years ago and I told the kids that we keep the baskets at home for the Easter bunny to fill. So the night before we find them and take them out and put the in the living room and they go to bed. When they get up they are in the same spot and have stuff in them. I get jelly beans in plastic eggs, chocolate bunny, stickers and a small toy or 2. My kids are almost 7 and 4.

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answers from Kansas City on

Our experience was much the same as your others posts...and still is I guess in my house! We leave the baskets on the kitchen table and the bunny fills it and hides it. My kids are still little so Bunny only hides in a few obvious places but I remember having to search for forever to find that wily bunny's hiding places! ;) This year my kids are getting a book, a few small toys, and a few candy treats. We are also having a family egg hunt at my house on Easter, so I know they'll get way more candy...what was I thinking?!

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answers from Dallas on

As a child my family used the same baskets every year. We left them on the coffee table in the family room. The eggs we decorated were left out on the kitchen table. When we got up in the morning we did the hunt first for the eggs (always indoors). We had to be sure we found them all before we got to get into out baskets. I have been doing the same thing with my kids. They also have seperate baskets that are plastic (the ones we leave out are cloth baskets that look like bunnys) that we use to take to Easter egg hunts at the various churches and parks.

My daughter just told me about a tradition one of her classmate's family has that I thought was really neat. On Easter Sunday they all go to their grandmother's house. They have an egg hunt and there is always the special "Golden Egg." The golden egg has a $50 dollar bill in it. So one of the cousins always hits the jackpot.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

When I was a kid, we would leave our empty baskets on the kitchen table and then the Easter Bunny filled them up and hid them. We always had a fun time searching for our baskets and they were always in crazy places: inside the dryer, on top of a ceiling fan, etc.

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answers from Dover on

We do ours the same way as Megan T. Basket stays out for the bunny, gets filled & hidden along with plastic eggs with a few jelly beans or something else small. There's 1 black plastic egg that always has a dollar in it so that's the one all of the kids look for first.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

We just use the baskets every year, for holding the eggs, etc, that the kids gather when the do the hunt. But we don't do a lot of gifts for easter. (We did buy new baskets last year, they had worn out after about 4 years of use).

We do an egg hunt, with some candy, and they keep their share in the basket until it's gone (well, eggs go back in the fridge), and a family Easter dinner. Other than that, we want to help our kids focus on the religious aspect of why we celebrate Easter more than the eggs and the bunny (that's just us - may not apply to you at all and that's okay!)



answers from Kansas City on

When we were kids, we put our empty basket on the kitchen table and they were filled and hidden in the morning when we woke up. It was so fun to search for them. I definitely plan on doing this with my kiddos as they get older.



answers from Sacramento on

Keep it simple.
I keep the baskets or plastic buckets (even better) in storage.
Fill w/fake grass.
Fill plastic eggs w/jelly beans and coins.
Chocolate bunny (of course).
Few other candies (mini snickers etc).
A couple of toys: jump rope, matchbox cars, mini puzzles etc.
Wrap in colored cellophane to make it different.


answers from Detroit on

We use the same basket year after year. I bring them down and let the kids see them for a few. My girls have the same basket, so I just use different grass in each so they know which one belongs to who. I usually get them back upstairs shortly after I show them because I need to get to work filling them.



answers from Austin on

We haven't really introduced our 2 year old to the concept of the Easter Bunny, even though he gets an Easter basket and his grandma buys him a bunny. We don't treat it like Santa. Neither my husband nor I are big fans of the secular Easter concept...don't get me wrong, we're still fun and we still get our son stuff, just unlike other holidays, I don't really decorate for Easter or get too into the bunny parts of it. We got our son some candy and eggs shaped like sports balls and small gifts like puzzles, books, etc, not so much typical stuff I guess.

We just put out the basket (this year it's more of a bucket) and he has one at Grandma's house too. He knows it's from Mom and Dad. We'll have a big family dinner and egg hunt for the kids and probably read the condensed toddler version of The Easter story from his little Bible.

It's probably odd that we don't get too into it because Christmas is huge, Santa comes to our family Christmas party and everything. I've just never been into all the eggs and bunny stuff. As he gets older, we'll probably adjust though.



answers from Washington DC on

Even as a child we had the same Easter basket every year filled with Jelly Beans and an old pantyhose egg filled with M&Ms and a piece of fun costume jewelry. They were always on the dining room table so when my sister and I got up, we went out to the dining room to see what was delivered to us.
For our 11 month old, I spent the money on a nice Easter basket from Michael's (Arts & Crafts store) that I am hoping will stand the test of time or at least a good 5-10 years before I have to buy another one.

Hope this helps and Happy Easter!


answers from Lansing on

I've used the same basket since their first Easter. My mom has an embroider sewing machine, so I had her make an Easter basket liner and put their names on the liner. Its really cute! I also purchased a nice sturdy basket that would withstand the years.

In the past I always have the kids put the baskets out in the living room floor and then I fill them and hide them around the house. But this year I was listening to a radio station and they were talking about what they do and this one guy said they use a colored yarn designated to each child. They run the yarn all around the house, even outside and back in. By the time they get to the end of the yarn, they find their basket. I thought this idea was so cool, so I might do that this year.



answers from Houston on

We always made Easter nests at the end of our sidewalk out of pine needles, moss or leaves and put the baskets out every year with a carrot as snack for the Ester Bunny!



answers from Youngstown on

Well we leave empty baskets out(same ones every year) and the "Easter bunny" fills them. When I was younger my parents hid the baskets and the plastic eggs filled with candy. My husband doesn't like hiding the baskets so for my kids he just hides the eggs( I monitor the kids upstairs to make sure no one goes down). I also buy a toy to put in the baskets. This year each big boy is getting cork guns a jump rope and each a new basket ball. The baby is getting a mini broom and mop and a new ball. Sounds like a bit much but I am cutting back on candy this year because my kids get tons everywhere we go. This is the first year for 3 present its usually 1.



answers from Chicago on

We have the same basket every year. The kids fill it with easter grass and put it in the kitchen. The bunny takes it at night and hides it somewhere. In the past, when the kids were little the bunny left a trail of easter eggs filled with candy to point them in the right direction, as otherwise it would have taken them forever to find the baskets. But now that they are older, the bunny is a bit more careful with his eggs so that the hunt is more exciting for them. We usually do the hunt inside the house and the kids get up super early trying to find the basket while mom and dad stay in bed until the sugar rush kicks in and the boys are wild and ready to go out and play. It's always a lot of fun.


answers from Oklahoma City on

Wow, I always jus tthought everyone did pretty much the same thing we did... it's interesting to hear the different ideas!
When we were little, and what we do with our kids is, we dyed our eggs and put our names on them then put them in the fridge. When we woke up all our easter baskets were lined by the fireplace and we'd get ours and go hunt our eggs that the Easter Bunny had hidden. We each had like 6 eggs all hidden seperatly with easter grass and different candy. For my kids we do different colored grass for each one then put some grass in their baskets to start with then they know which color they need to be looking for for each of their eggs.

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