How Do You Decide Which Toys to Get Rid Of?

Updated on December 26, 2007
C.U. asks from Chicago, IL
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My daughters have way too many toys, the toy room looks like a toy store threw up in there. How do you decide what to get rid of to make room for the things they got for christmas, and where to donate the ones that we no longer want?

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First get rid of the ones that they don't play with.
Second go for the ones that have been outgrown.

As far as getting rid of toys:
Sign up for freecycle, freesources and dupagecountyparent swap. It's a recycling site where people give stuff away, and you can get rid of stuff. You can get a lot of good stuff for free and get rid of your "junk"
Go to, then search for freecycle, freesources groups in towns in your area. Just type in your town, sign up and have fun. It's an awesome site! You get a lot for free and give your things away and by recycling you help save the environment!

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A great place to donate is any domestic violence shelter in your area. In many cases families make emergency exits from their abusive situations, and leave with very little. Other options are PHD baby closet in Palatine which supplies items to people with unexpected pregnancies, or any children's hospital.



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In your case, I'd keep some for the baby and giveaway those that seem unused or throw away the old toys that are broken or missing pieces. Good luck



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Hi -
I have a similar problem, esp that we live in a townhouse and the rooms are not that large.

Every month, my husband and I sit down with her toybox and sort through what she does and does not play with anymore.

Regarding the toys she outgrew: we save or donate it. If it's a really good quality toy, and in great condition, then we save it for the next child that we plan to have in the next 1-2 yrs. If it's old, or not very valuable or cheap, we donate it.

We would value her input of which to keep or throw, but she's 2 and doesn't understand. Since your daughter is almost 3, she may understand and help out. If she wants to keep everything, then do this after she goes to bed.

To organize her toys, we keep it in a toy organizer, gotten from Target. It has 3 shelves, and has compartments where u can throw the toys in. It's a great space-saver and organizer. Not only that, it allows the child(s) to see EVERY toy and pick and choose. As opposed to a toybox, where toys fall to the bottom and are forgotten.

As for the donated toys, I just drop them off at the nearby salvation army depot and get a ticket to get tax deduction. Easy and fast.

I've done Freecycle for household furniture, but you have to deal with tons of emails clogging up your inbox from other members seeking to donate or take items. Not only that, you have to arrange a time for the member to pick up the toys/donated items. As a full time married working mama I find that just dumping them at the local depot saves a lot of time and hassle.

Good luck to you and have a happy holiday!



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Well I would actually go through stuff with your older girl and make decisions with her. You could use it as a opportunity to explain that when you get new stuff you gotta get rid of some old stuff. And if you're giving away you can also help her understand about sharing with those less fortunate.

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