How Do You Clean Stainless Steel?

Updated on June 17, 2010
A.P. asks from Norwalk, CA
10 answers

I have all stainless steel kitchen appliances and the obviously get finger prints. I've used stainless steel cloths, ss cleaner, window cleaner, micro-fiber towel, urgh to no avail. I read online to use olive oil, all it does it add oils to it to disguse prints. Any ideas? How about how to clean the sink from water spots?

P.S. As beautiful as they look in my kitchen I would NEVER recommend them!

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answers from Barnstable on

I agree - stainless steel, though pretty is a HUGE pain (unless you get "clean steel")

Believe it or not, I had great luck with baby wipes!

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answers from Columbus on

We use pledge. It works! In the sink, I use vinegar, but I don't really have trouble with spots.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Lemon pledge and a microfiber cloth works for me.

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answers from Orlando on

Try distilled white vinegar...

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answers from New York on

For my stainless steel pots, pans and sink I use Cameo Stainless Steel cleaner. It makes it shiny like new money. Don't use this on your appliances because it will scratch the finish. I believe vinegar/water will work. You could add a few drops of essential oil to give it a different scent or slightly improve the scent.


answers from Rochester on

I clean my sink with baking soda or borax. I also love Method products but am trying to spend less on cleaning supplies--their bathroom cleaner works great on sinks and they make a Stainless Steel cleaner that I have not tried, but again their products tend to work well and smell lovely.


answers from Washington DC on

I clean my ss sink with comet cleanser... I would not recommend that with your appliances.
My mom has ss appliances. She uses windex and then has a shamwow type cloth that she goes over them with just a hint of water...



answers from Seattle on

Bon Ami

My grandmother had stainless appliances for over 60 years. Bon Ami never scratches, and keeps them glowing.



answers from Gainesville on

I use the wipes by Wegman (I think-they also make leather wipes and such). I wipe down the fridge then you go over it with a dry cloth and it comes out gorgeous. We get lots of drips from the ice/water and it takes those out along with the fingerprints.



answers from San Francisco on

OLIVE OIL?? Are you kidding? Absolutely not, unless you want to add more grease to those greasy fingerprints.

No. This is EASY. Use Fantastic or Formula 409, one of those spray cleaners. Just DON'T use any cleaners with bleach. Spray the fridge, use a wet cloth to wipe and scrub a little where necessary, and then dry with a dry cloth. You don't need fancy cloths, just washcloths. Easy. Twice a week keeps it looking reasonable. That's 6 mins. a week.

There is a price to pay for stainless steel appliances, but it literally only takes about 3 minutes to clean them, so I think it's worth it.

(You just reminded me my fridge is looking kind of gross -- gotta go clean it......................see, there, I'm back, used 409, fridge looks brand new.)

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