How Do Other Moms Juggle Working from Home and Their Family?

Updated on April 27, 2009
D.S. asks from Fort Branch, IN
4 answers

I would like to find out how other WAHM's juggle their family and getting their work done. I am still working outside the home for another month or so as well as working my home business part time at home. I try to get some things done each evening and some on the weekends as well. I need my business to do well so that I can stay home full time but I feel as if I am neglecting my family. I can tell that my husband gets irritated when I am working. Any advice you could give would be great. I appreciate your help.

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answers from Cleveland on

First things first, learn to delegate, your 6 year old can help out with simple shores if he doesn't already, and so can your husband, just because you are home all day does not mean you have to be the only one caring for the kids and cleaning and cooking. My kids 10, 8 and 6, make their own beds, feed the pets, dust and sweep their rooms, put their clothes in the hamper and their dishes in the dishwasher. It's amazing how helpful this is. My husband also has a few things he does before work, like emptying the dishwasher, sweeping the kitchen and folding clothes.

Wow it seems like i don't do much huh?!

Second set up a schedule for work just like if you had a regular job, get a sitter or whatever you need to do in order to go to work. Use this time to work, not clean the house.

Third have realistic expectations, if you only dust and vacuum once a week that's alright. If laundry sits folded in a basket till saturday no big deal. little things like wiping the bathroom counters down after your shower, and making sure things are picked up will make all the difference.



answers from Toledo on

Hi D.:

I am not sure what type of business you are in, but I have been working from home for 9 years and do not know how people have their children and spouse home while they are working. If you truly are trying to work at home and be successful, you need a support system that is working toward the same goal. Your husband needs to step up and watch the children when you are trying to work or you need to have some other childcare option. I am a Manager too and I am always very clear with my employees who want to work at home that they need to have childcare provided whether it is a spouse or relative while they are working or working from home doesn't work. I would suggest sitting down with your husband and making a schedule when you are going to plan to work and make sure your children know that you are working and you cannot be bothered during that time. Otherwise, you are going to really burn yourself out and feel like you are not doing anything well. I find that realistic expectations are critical for your family to understand what you are trying to accomplish by working from home. Waking up very early before your children get up and staying up a couple hours after they are asleep are always good tips too, but make sure you get your rest or you will find that you will make mistakes and take your lack of rest out on your family. Planning is the key. Be careful what you wish for:-) Good Luck!!



answers from Indianapolis on

I second the earlier post that if you really want to get work done from home, you will need child care. I just don't think it is fair to your job or you children to try to split your attention during "work time".
Good luck!



answers from Lafayette on

A lot depends on what type of work you are doing from home. If it is a business where clients visit your home, you may want to set it up so that your work area is separate and off limits to the kids. I work at home, but visit client locations, so do not have that issue as bad, but my son knows that my work area is off limits. He is now 16, but was much younger when I started. Otherwise, I would be missing my office supplies, tools, etc. I also find tasks that he can help with. Depending on the child's age, they can stuff envelopes, send a fax, etc.
You will need to have uninterrupted time to work. That may mean hiring someone to play with your kids while you work. A reliable young teenager can do this, especially since you are home in case of emergency.

Some church's have Moms Day Out programs and some daycares will let you come on a dropin basis. I used both of those options too.

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