How Do I Word My Skills, Ex-daycare Provider(for Resume)?

Updated on April 04, 2010
Y.I. asks from Allen, TX
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I was a professional registered daycare provider for 15 1/2 years. I am having trouble wording all of my skills from over the years.
Can anyone help?
Lonie I. (Y.)

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answers from Dallas on

For one, list it on the resume as:

Registered Child Care Owner/Operator

Take the other suggestions given to list the actual aspects of that position. I love the advice to use Verbs first....great suggestions.

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answers from Dallas on

If you search the internet for resume help you will see many examples of how to word your resume and also the format. Keep it to one page and be sure to use key words, try to list what you accomplished rather than just listing skills, i.e. solving a problem or implementing a new procedure, etc.
Good luck.

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Someone once told me to use VERBS to start each bullet to my resume. For example, instead of "employee of the month, excellent typing skills" write "EARNED empolyee of the month, TYPE at 40 wpm ..."

As a teacher, my resume included the following verbs: "WROTE curriculum, REPRESENTED the team, ADMINISTERED exams, DIVERSIFIED instruction, NOMINATED for teacher of the year, ACHIEVED 90% passing rate, CREATED online curriculum, ANALYZED results, COMPLETED professional development, UTILIZED various forms of technology ......"

Hope this helps!

UPDATE: Instead of writing "dealt with parents" or "dealt with child's specific needs," choose a more specific and positive sounding verb, like "COMMUNICATED with parents" or "HELPED children with specific needs"

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answers from Kansas City on

probably things like

planning and implementing curriculum for whatever age group
if you dealt with the money aspect, you could list things to do with budgeting, etc.


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Microsoft word has a thersaus use it!! I recently took a class over developing resumes. It works wonders in making boring words sound more professional.Just list anything you did, such as organized activities on a daily basis, made schedules, planning meals etc.



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You have tons of skills. Planning and following through on business decisions. Being a leader, professional skills and people skills. Keep searching. I can not think right now but they are there. Organizational skills. You had to deal with parents and children with all those different personalities. Planning menus and activities. Being creative and adventurous. G. W



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Former daycare provider of 15 1/2 years?


answers from Savannah on

Hey Lonie,

Something that always helps me is this:

Anytime I want to word something better, I will wrote out what I want in its entirety (like, a whole entire letter, or a full resume)... get it all down. Then, o back through and circle the words and phrases you want to "upgrade" or improve, and then use a thesaurus and dictionary to find better words.

I have attention deficit disorder and for me, this has helped me stay on task and do a good job - but it might help you too since you want to find better phrases to describe your skills. I started doing it just to get an assignment complete (hence the "just get it all written down" point) and would then go back over it to help it sound better because I had scribbled it out so fast.

Good luck! It'll be easier than you think :)

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