How Do I Unclog a Toy Clog Toilet?!

Updated on September 24, 2007
K.E. asks from Fresno, CA
5 answers

My 22 month old son decided that sending his bath toys on a ride in the toilet would be fun, and now (of course) the toilet doesn't flush well. We've tried many, many times using a plunger which did absolutely nothing. I hoping that somebody has some advice which doesn't include calling a plumber. Any tricks or ideas would help. Thanks Moms!

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all the mom's who convinced me that taking the toilet apart would be so simple. My husband and I got the toilet unclogged (we found three toys stuck in there!) with all your help!

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answers from San Diego on

my husband is a plumber so i kinda know a little about toilets... you might need to just take the toilet off and the toy is probably stuck in the bend of the toilet and you should be able to pull it out...



answers from Fresno on

You need to buy or rent a plumbing snake. Don't use it near the baby because it could whip around if your not careful. you place it in the toilet and turn it on the metal snake wriggles throungh the clog and breaks it up or pushes it through. The clog is probaably in the toilet itself and the snake should get it free.
make your husband do it.
Good luck



answers from San Diego on

Yes you will need to take the toiletbowl out, its easy just turnoff the water flush then unscrew the two screw left and right to disconnect the toilet and you can take the bowl out and see the toy that stuck and just pit it back the sameway.



answers from San Luis Obispo on

Dear K.,

I asked my husband how to solve the toy in the toilet problem. He said that you could try a short snake like tool with a hook on the end of it. It usually works well with cloth toys, but maybe it would work on a bath toy.

Otherwise, he said that you will have to take the toilet off the floor and turn it upside down to get the toy out. If you plan to do this, then go to the hardware store beforehand and get a new thingamajig that will seal the toilet back to the floor after you get the toy out of it.

Good Luck, C. N.



answers from Stockton on

Hello, my son has clogged the toilet 3 times since he turned about 1 year, he is now 17 months. All 3 times we had to remove the toilet from the floor. I have one of those detachable shower heads with different setting so we flipped the toilet over in the shower (warning it's messy)carefully because it is very easy to break the porciline and used the shower head to spray the toys out. If the shower head doesn't work you can try the plunger or a snake backwards. Only other suggestion if you don't want to deal with the mess would be to buy a new toilet or call a plumber but the plumber might tell you that you need a new toilet! My son put a hot wheels ambulance wheels down the first time, a baby food jar lid the second time and a pen this last time. I am lucky enough to have a step dad that isn't worried about getting dirty!!! Good luck i hope you can get the toys out...oh yeah you might need a new wax ring before you put the toilet back.

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