How Do I Take Static Out of My Hair???

Updated on February 12, 2011
H.X. asks from Los Angeles, CA
11 answers

i just did this hot oil mask on my hair last night, and it worked GREAT!!! its smooth, shiny, looks very healthy... and it even took away my split ends... HOWEVER, this morning, my hair is very static-y... i ran a dryer sheet through my hair but it didnt work... what else can i do??? i just ironed my hair, so i really dont want to wash it again...

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answers from Huntsville on

I run water over my hair brush bristles before brushing it. I have static problems every morning when I go to fix my hair. But, I only put my hair in a pony tail, so I don't know if that makes a difference.

Static is so annoying!

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answers from Kansas City on

Try spraying some static guard on a hair brush and then brush it through your hair.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Most hot oil treatments dont really condition your hair, though it does leave it 'looking' shiny & smooth. Your split ends are still there they are just smoothed away. The only way you can rid of the static is to wash & condition with a good conditioner. Drying & ironing can cause static to dry hair. Carry a dryer sheet with you they help but not much. Water, hairspray will only work for a minute too...

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answers from Albany on

Hi H., I asked my neice and my daughter (16 and 13) your question since they know EVERYTHING and I know nothing (tehehe), they say regular ole hair spray helps them with static.


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answers from Los Angeles on

when i straighten my hair i lightly hair spray each section of hair. you can also buy a can of static guard and use that.


answers from Nashville on

try a little bit of hand lotion but not to much or it will make your hair oily



answers from Redding on

When my hair gets staticky, I wash my hair brush and make sure all old hair is out of it and then I spray my brush with hair spray and let it dry before using it.
I almost never use hair spray on my thin hair, but I certainly use it on my brush.
Hope it helps!



answers from Augusta on

spray bottle of water.
lightly mist your hair or hair brush then brush it.
Also running a humidifier at night will put moisture in air and help with the static



answers from Bloomington on

dont use too much hairspray on straight hair bc it will make it tangly. Use a quarter-size amount of mousse and apply it to your hair, but make sure you spread it on your hands first, you dont want it all in one place as that willmake your hair look greasy.

good luck :)



answers from Appleton on

Try a leave in conditioner, they come in a 'lotion' form and in a spray bottle. I have some made by Paul Mitchell and you need a little, about the size of a pea, put it on your hand rub them together and rub through your hair. If you're in a big hurry you can purchase a spray conditioner. Talk to your beautition or just go to a salon and ask what they recommend.



answers from Jackson on

I agree with Kelly S- static guard is the best
if you don't have it, get some for next time
I use the hairspray trick too if I don't have the static guard
a little water sprinkled on your brush periodically will work too

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