How Do I Stop the Milk?

Updated on March 15, 2008
A.D. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I have been weening my 12 month old for about a month now (supplementing with formula in the morning and at night). We went from 4 feedings, to 3, to 2, then to 1 feeding. Here's the hard part....I'm still making SOOOO much milk, and it's like my body doesn't want to stop producing all this milk!!!! It's so frustrating. I've ALWAYS been a big milk producer. When my daughter was between 0-6 months, I was feeding her a FULL meal, then was able to express out 9 more ounces! Sometimes I felt like my body thought I was nursing twins or something....hahahaha. Okay, so my real dilema is that my body's not slowing down with the milk on it's own, and I'm wondering if anybody else has delt with or is dealing with this issue? I made so much milk when my daughter was little that I came down with mastitis twice. I feel like I'm going to get mastitis again if I don't relieve the pressure that builds up, so I end up nursing her sometime over the course of two days because it's an emergency situation. Anyone have advice??? Oh, I also should not take any kind of prescription becuase I am 8 weeks pregnant. (I want to stop making milk to give my poor boobs a break since I'll be nursing again in 7 months!) Thanks for ANY help!!!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all SO much! I love this site. Yes, I am going to look into that milk bank. Especially when I nurse the next one. That is SO fantastic!!!!!! I wore a tighter bra today, and I already feel better! Now to the grocery store for some cabbage leaves....

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It sounds like you had baby #2 a few months ago. If you are a big milk producer again and don't want to go through a huge screening process to donate your excess milk, check out There are many moms on the group list that would love to have your extra milk!



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I was just about to respond with the exact same advice as someone else! Cabbage leaves work and self express milk but do not nurse or pump.



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Ask the Experts

Is there anything I can do to dry up my milk supply after I wean my child?
Last updated: October 2005

By Jan Barger, lactation consultant [See Biography]

Question: I've weaned my child, but I still have breast milk. Is there anything I can do or take to dry up my milk supply?

Answer: It's not uncommon to be able to express milk for several months after weaning. Eventually it will dry up on its own. If you're feeling a slight engorgement, or if milk is leaking and annoying you, you can try putting fresh green cabbage leaves over your breasts to help dry up the milk supply.

Wash the leaves, crush them slightly and place them over your breasts inside your bra. Change them when they wilt, but leave them on around-the-clock for 48 hours or so. Drinking two to three cups of sage tea a day will also help dry up your milk. Or, you can just wait and let nature take its course.

Breast pads can help control wetness but they won't do anything to diminish your milk supply. Whatever you do, don't pump routinely. If your breasts are uncomfortably full, you can certainly pump once to empty your breasts completely, and make yourself more comfortable. After that, only pump if you get really miserable, and then pump only for comfort.



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You have recieved some excellent advice here, I love this site, and there is only one thing I would add. Your milk production is about to slow down and stop on its own due to decreased stimulation and increased estrogen with your pregnancy. You can also try taking some Benadryl with the cabbage leaves and decreased stimulation.

Congratulations to another breastfeeding mom. You help others know this really is doable.

K. @ The Nestingplace



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Just a thought- I was thinking about how blessed you are to be such a great milk producer. Do you know there is a need for premature and critically ill babies to have breastmilk? You could be a donor. I know you want to give your boobs a rest, but so many moms have the opposite problem you have- not enough milk. There's a website you could check out...
it says...
"Why should you donate?
All babies need breast milk, but some, especially premature babies, have an extra need. Preemies are babies born before the 37th week of pregnancy. These tiny infants need human milk's rich nutrients and disease-fighting protection to grow. Breast milk is also beneficial for babies with failure to thrive, babies who cannot digest formula, and babies with allergies."

Just a thought. Some people look for ways to give to others and I didn't know if you knew there was a need.



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I say "Go Cabbage!" It really works!!! Also, I have found that if I wear a slight tight bra that helps, too, but not too tight as to be uncomfortable, but you know what I mean. If you start to get uncomfortable, I would self express or pump just a little. But I really think if you start using cabbage leaves, you won't have that problem!!


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Buy a head a cabbage, and put fresh, cold leaves in your bra. Change the leaves once they get wilted.

I have heard from multiple and medical sources that this truly works.

Also, wearing a good supportive bra will help, and instead of nursing too much, just squeeze a little milk out in the shower to help relieve pressure.

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