How Do I Register My Dog as a Companion Dog?

Updated on December 30, 2012
R.D. asks from Richmond, VA
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The house we're looking at has zero tolerance for pets (but 3 kids are okay?! LOL!)

Does anyone know where to go or what is required to register a dog as a companion?

My kids (and myself and my fiance) can not get rid of this dog, he is the BEST. DOG. EVER. He's my son :)

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So What Happened?

A service dog is different from a companion dog... google it ;)

And it's not lying if it benefits my kids to NOT have the pet they adore ripped from their lives just so they can live in a house with a better school system!!

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As a life long dog LOVER, I hear you, but unless there is some kind of disability I think you will have to look for another place. (WHICH I WOULD FOR MY DOG)....My mother once said "T. would rather die and go to hell rather then leave her dogs"......she's right.

Best of everything finding a good place for ALL of you to live.


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answers from Boston on

I'd look for another place one that is dog friendly.
Everything I have found states you must have a written letter from a doctor stating you have a disability (physical or mental) that link has a sample letter. I have a cousin that's autistic he would benefit from a companion dog you would be lying if either you or children don't have some type of disability an not you think the landlord will find it odd if all of a sudden your dog is now a companion dog. It's deceitful not he type of person I would consider renting to.

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answers from Dallas on

I have a friend who has a service dog. In order to become a service dog it has had extensive obedience training, a canine good citizenship test and pass a public access test. You may be able to buy a vest anywhere, but service dogs are also required to have the paperwork stating they are a real service dog. While it's true that no one can ask the nature of your disability, they can ask for the paperwork proving the dogs status. My friend's dog is a seizure alert dog (she has epilepsy) and she is constantly asked for her paperwork.

An emotional support dog does not require the training. You have to get doctors orders for the dog. The only reasons a person needs documentation a dog is an emotional support animal is if they require some sort of accommodation, or exception to rules that would ordinarily prohibit pets, for example, an apartment that doesn't allow pets, or riding in the cabin of an aircraft that doesn't allow pets. Those are the only two places where emotional support animals are permitted that regular pets are not. The timing of your paperwork can also be put into question by the landlord. Why was this dog not an ESA before the move...why now suddenly?

I see my friend who needs her dog struggle often. Even with ADA backing, she has been denied entrance to places. It has happened more than once. I implore you not to try to bend the rules to suite your needs. This house may be fabulous is every other way, but it does not meet the needs of your whole family. This is simply not the house for your family.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I gotta say, this dog deserves a place to live where he doesn't have to lie! :)

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answers from Chicago on

It is unethical to say your dog is a service dog when it is not. In some states, you can be fined if found out.

But, if that little ethics violation doesn't bother you, you can buy a service dog vest online for about $30.

Ironically enough, the ADA laws prohibit anyone from asking you what your disability is and why you need a dog for it. And the ADA site is not even allowed to ask you what your disability is - so you can register your dog there, get the certificate and no one can question it.

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answers from Chicago on


Did you PM Grandma T about how this could possibly be done? I remember responding to your post about keeping your dog while renting the home that you really want but the landlord says no pets. I looked back at your responses and saw that Grandma T was the one who mentioned that her friend was able to get a prescription for a companion dog due to stress reasons. (Maybe try asking her directly.)
Good luck..... I hope everything works out for you.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I think you have to have a Dr's note for depression or something similiar to be able to do it. I am not completely sure though. Try this website...
It may give you some info through the forms.
Good Luck



answers from Boise on

where and what do I do to get my dog registered for a companion .. She is for disability depression


answers from Austin on

Character is who we are when no one is looking. all of our values, morals, judgment, decisions that we carry with us. it is how we define ourselves and not how others define us.

You are a parent of beautiful children. They are learning from you.
Parents are always honest, even when no one else is looking.
Just keep this in mind if this is how you want your children to grow up.

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