How Do I Make Fish That My Kids Will Eat?? Suggestions???

Updated on July 06, 2011
H.X. asks from Los Angeles, CA
18 answers

Hi moms...
Fishsticks are just not cutting it anymore... my kids DO NOT like any other fish i've made, wont eat it or touch it, or even look at it... any secrets?? how can i make fish that they'll eat??? and what kind???

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answers from Springfield on

I make fish sticks all the time. I use tilapia, because it has a very mild flavor. The breading I use is just crushed up corn flakes (or bran flakes). I usually add a bit of Mrs. Dash (different flavors for variety). Sometimes I add parmesan cheese because, let's face it, it's yummy. Anyway, I put the ingredients in a zip lock bag and crush them up with a rolling pin. Then I dip the fish in it and bake it for 10 minutes or so at 400 degrees.

Simple and yummy!

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answers from Madison on

Try fish with mild flavor first, like tilapia, white fish or salmon. Also, do NOT buy frozen fish, buy from a grocery store with fresh seafood section. You may ask the person at the seafood counter for suggestions. Most sell crusted/marinated tilapia, which is a good place to start introducing fish.

Have you tried smoked salmon, canned tuna/salmon and tuna/salmon salad?

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answers from Houston on

I just started making "nuggets" for my kids and they love them! I use tilapia and cut it into "nuggets" or bite sized pieces. Then, I combine 1/4 cup of flour, 2 tsp. season salt (I use Lowry's) and 1/2 tsp garlic powder in a bag. Put the fish nuggets in and shake to coat. Then, cook them in a pan with some butter until they are brown and crisp. The flavor is great, but not terribly strong and my kids really like them. I use this same recipe for my dinner, only I cook the filet whole for me and put creamed spinach on top for fish florentine. Got the recipe from a cook book I have. Anyway, I didn't tell the kids it was fish right away.....just called them nuggets and they ate them. Much healthier than frozen fish sticks and taste a lot better too! Hope this helps.

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answers from Redding on

Ive had fish tacos with salmon,, I wonder if they would eat that. Its really good.



answers from New York on

My son likes colorful food so when I make something, I say the color like salmon is "pink fish" or steak is "red meat". It also helps to bring him to the supermarket and let him pick out what he wants. That is how I get him to eat yellow peppers. My son does really like salmon (did not like cod at all) and I usually do some kind of soy or ginger sauce. The Neely's have a good one and I did Al Roker's ginger sauce tonight and he ate it.



answers from Chicago on

My 2 year old loves croaker. I just put a teeny bit of salt and pepper on it and stick it in aluminum foil on the grill. Easy and yummy...she'll eat a whole fish herself!



answers from Chicago on

Yeah my kids are the same pretty much...they will eat breaded fish with ketchup...REAL healthy!! Oh well at least they get some fish. My son who's 4 loves loves smoked salmon but my 2 year old won't eat it. Anyway good luck and pass it on if you do figure it out!



answers from San Diego on

When I make fish we usually have brown rice and steamed veggies. I cut the fish up really thin and add it to the rice them mix in the veggies. He has no clue its in there. Its fun he is usually with me when I buy fish and the whole time we are walking through the store he will tell me he doesn't like fish. Then he asks what he is going to eat. I tell him rice and veggies.

Good Luck. Maybe you could try making your own fish sticks.


answers from Los Angeles on

What have you tried?

Have you tried making Talapia? You can put lemon juice on it, garlic, you can coat it with breading. All is very good.

Do they like Mahi Mahi? You can bake it with some tomatoes and onions with garlic and a little white wine on top. It is so good!

Salmon patties is what I ate when I was little. Maybe you can try that?

Do they like shrimp? Lobster?



answers from Honolulu on

I personally, do not like fish. Since I was a kid. And now as an adult, I still don't like fish.
I don't care how it is cooked.
But I make it for my family. They like fish.

Do your kids have to, eat fish?

I also don't like liver.
Will not eat it. At all.
I don't care how it is cooked.
As a kid and now as an adult, I do not like it.

My kids, like Salmon.



answers from Dallas on

My 8 year old loves my baked fish with salsa. I usually use cod or halibut or any other white fish will do. I usually put a little salt, pepper, minced garlic (or garlic powder), lemon juice and dab of butter on them and bake in the oven until the flake. I make a fresh salsa to top it off (chopped tomato, avocado, red onion, & mango or strawberries) He eats it up!



answers from Pittsburgh on

DS (5) eats grilled salmon, salmon pan roasted with soy sauce and mirin, catfish (or any other meaty fish) stir fried with black beans, canned salmon sandwiches (ok, I think he likes salmon). We cook one meal for the three of us so he is used to fish. It is well documented that children need to try something an average of 10-12 times before they will consistently eat it. Just be persistent. Also consider shellfish - DS loves shrimp and likes mussels, clams and lobster. He will also eat any fried fish (which we very rarely do, not any healthier than any other fried food).



answers from Baton Rouge on

My daughter would eat fried fish (any species) from the time she was old enough to put it in her mouth.


answers from Hartford on

If they simply don't like fish, I would give up on giving it to them for a while. Sometimes they need to have a break from the pressure of trying trying trying to like a food that their taste buds just can't stand, and then having it reintroduced after a year can make a huge difference.

My youngest daughter to hate all kinds of beans, fish, potatoes, blueberries, eggs, and eggplant. I'm talking full-on gagging at the mere odor. I didn't push it with her or any of my daughters, and instead reintroduced it at a later time. If I'm cooking and she (or any of my daughters) comes over while I'm cooking to ask what I'm making because it smells and looks good but was something they've hated in the past, I'll suggest they taste it if they think it looks good. They love to "taste test." 9/10 times they've got a "new" food they love. Unless it's my daughter with Autism. She may taste test but it's rare that we find a new food to add to her menu.

With fish, if you really insist that they at least choke down a few bites for the sake of "finishing what you made for supper" then try to incorporate something that you know they already love into the recipe. If that means slathering it with ketchup, let them knock themselves out. Try making a typical tartar sauce and then adding a few tablespoons of Dijon mustard for a nice tangy touch. Make filets into sandwiches on a hamburger bun, plop on American cheese slices, sauce of choice ala McD's, and then cut them into quarters.



answers from Denver on

My kids like a craker w/ tuna and then I cover in a bit of cheese and melt in microwave for about 10 secs... mini tuna melts! They will also eat salmon (we use teryaki to make it glaze) and broil it - sometimes they eat it, sometimes not. Talipia fish tacos are good. Use a salsa of cantaloupe, onion, tomatoes and pineapple with a little mayo (very little). It's fun for them to make them : ). Mine also like sushi!!! Catepillar rolls - eel - it's cooked, with cucumber and avacado on the outside. Good luck, but I agree, dont' push it. 50% of the time they love this stuff... the other 50% not interested.



answers from Redding on

We are fish lovers!
Have you tried salmon with a baste of brown sugar and soy sauce? The sugar and soy sauce carmelize and it just has the best flavor.

Have you tried tuna fish patties? Mom used to make them when I was a kid and I loved them. My kids like them too.
You drain water packed tuna (however many it takes for your family size), add an egg (or two) and ground cracker crumbs or bread cumbs, salt and pepper to taste. Make patties and fry them in a skillet. They're great with pasta and salad. When I was little, I liked ketchup on them.
My ex husband goes to the dock and gets fresh tuna steaks. He wraps bacon around them, like filet mignon, and grills them with with alder chips on the flames. You want to be sure to put a double layer of heavy duty foil on the grill because the fat from the bacon will make flames. When the bacon wrapped around the outside is done, the tuna steaks are perfect.

That's all I can think of for now. We eat every kind of fish so that's never been a problem.
Some people really just don't have a taste for it though.

Best wishes.


answers from St. Louis on

I buy Tortilla Crusted Tilapia from Costco and my kids love it. You can also google a recipe for it. I have made it when I was able to get to Costco.

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