How Do I Make an Easy Elf Costume for My Daughter?

Updated on November 14, 2006
K.L. asks from Hampton, VA
5 answers

My oldest daughter who is 6, has a Christmas recital for her tap class coming up. I need to make her an elf costume and I need some ideas. If anyone has any please reply! The easier the better! Thanks!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Depending on how tall or heavy your daughter is, get a green pillowcase standard queen or king. Cut a V in the closed side for a neck hole. Cut arm holes on the side seam. You can cut the bottom like this vvvvvv or leave it the way it is. She will need a belt (wide I think) and buckle (felt is easy to work with, you can even use a hot glue gun)

p.s. pillowcases usually come in packages of two, so don't worry if you think you messed up the first one. :)

Good luck!

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answers from Montgomery on

A simple costume that I made before was (you can buy if you don't sew) a short knee length skirt in red or green with or with out a short vest. Use felt to make pointes covers for the shoes, hat and ears if you want to do them. Attach bells or plastic candy canes here and there. Have her wear it over her leatard and tights.



answers from Raleigh on

Tap class is usually a bit snazzier than a regular school play costume. Try this:

Sew a piece of elastic into a circle that fits comfortably around her waist.

Then cut strips of Nylon Net (tulle) about 10 inches wide by about 30 inches long. Fold the strips of nylon net in half over the elastic, bunch it up a bit, and stitch it in place. It makes a big pouffy skirt when you're done. Wear it over her dance leotard, and you're done!!



answers from Norfolk on

Ok let's see if I can explain this in words. First are you a sewer?? I guess I will explain the costume I wore before. I used to work at a hoteel in Fairbanks, Alaska and every year we would have a pajama party for kids where Santa would come and read The Polar Express. Anyways, the elf costumes were made for a variety of Christmas patterned material including traditional green that you think of with elves.
It was made into an oversized v-neck style tunic. It was kind of long and we tied ribbon around the waist for a belt. We all wore red or green tights.

I hope this makes sense, it's rough trying to describe:P



answers from Spartanburg on

Well the most important thing would be the ears. you might be able to find some at a specialty store and they might still be having after halloween sales. Other than that I would do colored tights, maybe dark green or brown, and a long shirt that would fit snug and maybe you could belt it.

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