How Do I Make a Complaint Against a Provider And/or Have It Looked into Further?

Updated on July 25, 2009
C.K. asks from Colorado Springs, CO
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My 2 1/2 yr old son is in an in-home daycare. The provider is licensed and all that good stuff. Things have been great until recently I have seen the provider do some things that I don't agree with. And my son, who speaks very well, has started "repeating" things he hears and the things that he is saying are not good. I don't know what to do. I absolutely hate to change his daycare, although I will in a heart beat if I find out these things are truly happening. He has made such good friends at this daycare and it will tear me up if I have to take him away from them. My question is how do I find out if these things are really happening? I know very well that kids this age are imitators, but at the same time I can ask my son the most off the wall question and he will say "yes" so I can't trust everything he says either. I am starting to look for other in-home daycares but would also like to try and find out for sure what is going on. I feel like I'm rambling...anyways...any advice on what I should do??? Also, if I do decide that these things are truly happening, where/how do I file a complaint about this provider so that others are made aware of what is going on?? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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answers from Denver on

Well it is very vague what you are concerned about going on.
If it is something you are truly worried about, you need to address it with the provider immediately.
Coming from a home care provider myself, I have a very open forum with my parents, if something went wrong here (even for every time out) they are told when they pick up their child even if it is petty so they are aware, vice versa, if they have concerns they come to me.
I truly believe if it is something big you are worried about then you have to figure out what is truly happening sooner then later. You can tell if the provider is going to make excuses, hiding the truth, etc.
2 1/2 year old have huge imaginations. Playing with other kids they pick up on stuff really fast, however, they are also pretty honest so I understand your problem here.

If you trust this woman to watch your son,you should feel comfortable finding out what is going on. Even calling some of the other parents that she works for and asking them if they have had issue. Don't just assume what your son is saying is right, you are correct that they can sometimes mixed up the facts, but your gut instinct is something that should always be followed.

If you find out she is not doing things the right way and children's safety are on the line, she is licensed go to the county/city she is licensed in and file a formal complaint so it can be investigated. You can also check with the county/city to see if any other complaints have ever been filed on her.
Good luck, I hope it all works out.



answers from Denver on

You can totally report this to the State of Colorado Department of Human Services and they will send a Licensing Specialist out on a random, unannounced visit. You will not be mentioned as having complained and, unless something is found, this won't hurt the provider. If something is found, you've done the right thing.

However, it is fairly vague what you are worried about and I'm not certain the State will be able to catch her doing whatever it is you are concerned about.

I say, talk to the provider. Maybe one of the other children are bringing in choice expressions or habits from home. Children are sponges and they pick things up EVERYWHERE, even when you don't think they are paying attention. And then, like a virus, they share it with everyone else.

Follow your instincts though. If this continues to really bother you, seek care elsewhere.



answers from Casper on

I think if you report it, it will probably be anonymous, and simply doing that may make him/her aware of the problem without your having to say something.



answers from Provo on

It makes sense to talk to the provider first. If you report something on the basis of a two year old's speech, not knowing for sure, you could ruin the provider's business and never really know if it was for the better. It could be that he heard the phrases on TV or a movie, for instance. It could be that another child at daycare said the offending phrases, which that child learned from an older sibling (believe me, this happens!). Ultimately, your child is going to hear inappropriate speech sooner or later and you just have to start saying, "We don't say that in our family" or "that's a bad word" so that you draw the boundary each and every day. The same applies to TV shows that your son will inevitably watch on Disney channel, etc. I was shocked to hear that their characters take the name of God in vain, lie, and put each other down at times, so when I hear something I don't like, I complain loudly to the kids. As a result, my kids are very sensitive to bad language and in fact tell me when a swear word comes up in a song and complain to me that I'm listening to that!! So hang in there--and try to get the facts. Your provider will not want to lose the income from having your son there and she will start paying attention and screening the what the kids hear. And you need to start teaching him what is and isn't appropriate anyway.



answers from Denver on

o.k. so you totally left out what exactly it is you think is going on???? totally curious....

but regardless, the agency/city or wherever they are licensed through would be my first step for lodging a complaint. they can probably give you further ideas of who to report this too... you don't mention the severity of the complaint, but I would assume if this was something that should involve the police you would have yanked your son out of there asap.



answers from Denver on

Just curious - Why not simply bring it up to her? Tell her what he says, and what he repeats to you. Don't be afraid to go into detail. You will never know untill you ask! Its your child, and its your job to make sure he is in good hands. Pay attention to his reaction when he gets dropped off or picked up. If you have a bad feeling about ANYTHING, dont hesitate to take him somewhere else. I've put my oldest 2 into home daycares before I becaome a SAHM. I had to pull them out of many centers due to the negligence of the provider. I eventually gave up and decieded to stay at home. I know that's not an option for many moms, but just have faith that there are good providers out there. Good luck finding it.

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