How Do I Make a Cloth Diaper That Doesn't Leak?

Updated on July 11, 2008
C.R. asks from Killeen, TX
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I'm trying to make cloth diapers and I need to know how to make the ones that don't leak. Does anyone know how to make them and if you do will you share? Please? No i'm not trying to make them for money. I do not have time for that!! But any advice I'll appreciate it very much.

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Thanks everyone for the great advice! It is greatly appreciated!

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answers from Houston on

I haven't messed with making them, but you can google free diaper pattern. Here's one such link.

some moms use PUL which is a fabric that has plastic fused to it. That way you need no cover. It's expensive though.

I have bought diapers on and free on and free or purchase from there's an ad on the last site for a free diaper ministry- if you qualify they will loan you diapers and wipes and covers for the cost of shipping.

I have NEVER had a diaper leak. I'll use flats or fitteds with the velcro or snap covers. I have covers like whisper wraps and the ones from Mother Ease and fitteds from Mother Ease and Kooshies. I also have some that don't need covers from Happy Heiney. They are REALLY sweet but expensive...

Feel free to PM about CD!

S., mom to 1 in Heaven, 4 on Earth, and 1 "deep in the waters."

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answers from Houston on

I would go with the plastic pants. I tried cloth diapers with my son but it didn't work out very well because no matter what I did, he leaked (and not just pee!) Because I breast fed him his stool was pretty soft so you can just imagine the mess. I gave up and went to disposables. You may want to ask a local diaper service if they have non leaking cloth diapers and what they are made of.

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answers from San Antonio on

In all my years and from asking my aunt and various older people in my family who actually remember using cloth diapers where there were no disposables all tell me..they will always leak but you can buy those little plastic pants that go over the diaper and hope those dont leak either. Wish I had a better answer but my aunt said she would try to fold the diaper in origami fashion and it would still leak! haha, but if she used the little plastic pants with lasted longer and more frequent changes help as well.

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answers from Corpus Christi on

There are different kinds of folds for diapers there are patters around look them up they can be different for, Boys and Girls.
The one that worked best for me was the triangle gave more in the front. When pined was tighter, however just like every thing the diaper types have changed. Good luck because they can still have their days. I had one of each and found that out, just take extra clothes with you where ever you go, for both of you.

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answers from Houston on

I used cloth diapers with 2 of my 3 children and you sure save alot of money, but I am sure day care would not use them. Anyway, I had some cloth diaper that had velco to hold them on. And I believe the legs has elastic like disposal diapers. I would a disposal diaper as a pattern. But I would not use the velco, it would be to easy for the baby to pull them off. We use the plastic pants that go over the diapers. I used the prefolder diapers and was very please with them. It was a breeze washing and folding them. Glad to see some parents still using them.



answers from Houston on

You need to use terry toweling.
Then, when you place them on the baby, use a disposable nappy liner.
You can also get what they call a "Baby Dry" which is a washable piece of fabric which lets the urine through but keeps your baby feeling dry (ideal for night time).
You then have to use rubber/plastic pants to cover the toweling diaper.
Remember that these nappies require more frequent changing because they do get wet, they can lead to more frequent nappy rash because of the plastic pants which cover them and they will need soaking in a solution of sterilising fluid after use (such as Steri-Nappy) and before washing.
You have to wash them with gentle soap and rinse them three times. Try to avoid using softener and bring the diapers off the washing line before they are bone dry or they will be too hard for use.



answers from Austin on

Hi C.,
I strongly recommend using PUL for the outer layer (it's a breathable waterproof fabric) and microfleece on the inside. The microfleece wicks moisture away from the skin. I have sewn all in diapers and pocket diapers, but I find pocket diapers to be more practical as they dry faster, and one can add stuffing dependent on use. There are some fantastic tutorials on this website.
Also, where do you live? I'd be happy to show you some tricks.

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