How Do I Lose My Baby Tummy???

Updated on August 14, 2008
T.S. asks from Hinckley, IL
9 answers

Help! Summer is coming fast and I can't seem to get rid of my baby tummy. I had a beautiful baby boy 6 months ago and I am having trouble losing a few extra pounds and tightening up my tummy again. I don't have time to go to a gym so I was wondering if any one could give me some tips on what kinds of exercises I could do at home. Anything would be a great help! Thank you!!

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answers from Miami on

I LOVE "Walk Away the Pounds" with Leslie Sansone. She has a great low-impact aroebic DVD~ it's fun and not exhausting~ and it WORKS!! Check it out!



answers from Chicago on


try incorporating the kids into your workout :)

I will lay on the floor and pull my legs up to my chest, lay him on my calves and do 'airplane' - different leg movements can work your tummy too.

I also don't avoid stairs - i'm up and down our stairs like 50 times a day. your 4.5 yr old can do some yoga moves with you and may find it fun.

when i dont have time to exercise, or if i'm feeding my son, I will sit with my back straight and hold in my stomach for a count to 10 then release - you can do this anywhere, anytime. i also will carry around a little 3 lb weight and do different movements with it - i know i'm not going to get 'cut' arms and abs by doing these things, but i know i'm doing something because sometimes the next day i'm sore.

your son is a great weight though - muscle burns fat faster. lower your calories - stock your fridge with all kinds f healthy filling snacks - i find a dozen or so baby carrots (even with a drizzle of ranch dressing) can be very filling.... and apple alone is as filling as any other meal for me - i will cut one up and snack on it throught the course of about an hour... yes, it turns brown, but it's not harmful - i still eat it, it's good for fiber, and is very healthy.

another great thing for me... yardwork! i rake, and edge... for me... nothing is more satisfying (besides sex - which reminds me... being on top is a great workout for your butt and thighs!) than getting outside on a hot day, busting my tail and sweating while accomplishing something.

Also, when i'm moving laundry from the washer to the dryer, i flex my stomach muscles to mimic a crunch.

the possibilities are endless!

I have 4 kids, last one was a c-section so i dont think i'll ever truly get rid of that tiny little roll over my incision, but i'm trying to firm everything else up in the meantime. I only have about 5-10 lbs that i want to lose - i want to get back to 117-120 lbs, but more important to me is the way i look, not what the scale says... you can take a water pill and 'lose' 3 lbs in a day... but true weightloss will take longer than that... it didn't appear overnight, and it won't go away overnight.

good luck!



answers from Chicago on

There is a great book called "Bounce Back into Shape After Baby" by Caroline Creager, you can purchase it on Amazon. It is a great book written by a physical therapist, all you need is a fitness ball which you can purchase for $20-$25 and it teaches you how to incorporate your kids! If you are b-feeding, please do not detox, safe weight loss for b-feeding moms is 1 lb per week. You can detox by getting ridding of high sugar foods, but that is about it. Be careful of lean cuisines, etc, they all have high fructose corn syrup which can sabatoge weight loss efforts! Good Luck!



answers from Chicago on

I'm using Accountability to something really helps. Each day, I log my meals and sometimes I plan them so that I don't go over my calories. It's only $6.00/month. Next week, I'll incorporate excercise. So far I've lost 3lbs since 4/1/08.

Would you like to be weight loss buddies? If so, let me know. We can email each other with support and challenges.

[email protected]



answers from Chicago on

I just started using Arbonne's Figure 8 weightloss line and 7 day detox and lost 2.5 lbs since yesterday- I'm really excited to weigh myself tomorrow morning!! I really like it and it's full of all kinds of vitamins and minerals and good stuff. If you would like some info on it i'd be happy to provide you with some, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I can get you more info.

ps. I'm also a big fan of Weight Watchers!!



answers from Dallas on

I love this book called Lose Your Mummy Tummy that focuses on repairing the diastasis, which is a separation of the stomach muscles that 98% of women develop during pregnancy and most never know they have, much less fix. Having it really keeps your stomach from ever tightening up that last little bit. Good luck, it worked wonders for me!



answers from Chicago on

I also have about ten to lose. I found that cardio is best way to lose abd fat. You can do millions of crunches a day, take meal replacements (which soul have u lose water weight quickly and any rapid weight loss of more that a pound or two a week guarantees weight regain once supplement is stopped), but that layer of fat is not going to move until you burn it off. Since I work full time, a gym is also out of the question. I do turbo jam DVD's along with my home elliptical and both, along with cutting sugar and sensible eating, have lost 15 lbs. Sure, try these quick fixes the others suggest, but I guarantee that your weight will fly right back on once u stop these supplements. The surefast way to get toned and lose fat is cardio at least 4-5x a week with some weight training twice a week. Good luck whatever path you choose.



answers from Chicago on

I also need help with losing my baby tummy - although not sure if it is the tummy or the area above my C-section - it just seems to be a flab of fat/skin!

any ideas - I am a member of Lifetime - which I just love for the daycare, but dont want to pay a trainer extra money! I am doing the elliptical - just love that machine for at least 45 min. and then was doing the tread mill, but also want to add weight training - any ideas? Does it matter which one I do first (weights or elliptical).

Also, live in Bolingbrook and am looking for a buddy to work out with!



answers from Chicago on

You should diet to lose those few extra pounds, and then exercise whenever you can at home. For weight lose, just make sure the calories you take in during a day do not exceed your calories burned. You should try to stick to around 1600 calories a day to be safe. You can do weight watchers if that is easier. I did weight watchers a few years back and lost 20 lbs in 2 months. I switched to calorie counting after I had my second child and lost 35 lbs. in 3 months. I found running to be a great way to loose weight and look trimmer. I hate running, but I feel really great after I do it. Great thing is that now that it is getting nicer out, you can run around your neighborhood or go to a local walking trail at night (hubby can watch the kids?) and run. Then, while at home, I would buy a big exercise ball (one of those balls you can lay on- I bought a big one at Walmart for around $15, it isn't technically an exercise ball but I can lay on it). Then you try to do sit ups while your back is on top of the ball. There are many other exercises to do while on the ball, look it up on the web. This is a great all over workout that accomplishes a lot in a little amount of time- key for a mom of young kids. Then, while watching kids or doing dishes or making dinner or brushing your teeth (etc) do some lunges (go up and down). I am one of those people that feels that every little bit helps. While I am watching tv, I bought some of those ankle weights and put those on my ankles and I left my legs up and down. You can also use one of those little kid balls and put it between your thighs and squeeze it (kind of like that thigh master exercise thing that was around when we were teens). You can also take some canned goods and use those as little weights to work your arms. You don't want a lot of weight as you are not bulking up, but weight trainiing is important as well as cardio. Can you possibly rent some exercise videos from the library as well? I love yoga for toning up.

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