How Do I Get the Urine Smell Out of the Carpet?

Updated on May 01, 2010
R.H. asks from Springfield, MO
13 answers

What successes have others found in the area of curing urine odors in carpets? Preferably on a lower budget but I am open to more expensive suggestions as well. Thank you!

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answers from Hartford on

The best product I've tried to remove odors from anything is something called Odorzout. is their website and you can buy it from (among other places) It's great! It removes odors from carpets, uphostery and laundry.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I know that if you sprinkle salt on it, it will draw the moisture out! It's the same reason why you should sprinkle salt on a steak AFTER cooking and not before...the salt will draw out the juiciness from the meat!
Let that set for a while, vaccum, then sprinkle baking soda! Let that set and vaccum!
If that doesn't work, I also find that just a little dish soap and water and rubbing it will clean it and the odour! Use an old rag that you can throw out!
In the end you may want to follow up with Febreze or something of the sort (I think it's that product or just do a search on nano silver or silver to remove odour)...I read an article in the New York Times that it isn't just a mask for odour but there are silver particles in it which has been used for thousands of years as a natural odour removal...the silver ions apparently really counteract and eliminate odour...and again, it's been proven and has worked for thousands of years! That's why they use "nano silver" particles in insoles because it naturally removes odour!
If all else fails...maybe a steam cleaner!
Much love!

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answers from Topeka on

I had the same question because my toilet kept overflowing and my carpet was really stinking. First, clean your carpet. Just get some spray carpet cleaner and put in some elbow grease (hard work, that is). When that dries, sprinkle a good amount of baking soda directly to the carpet. Let it sit overnight or a few days then vacuum. I promise this works... or at least it did for us. Baking soda is a miracle substance. I even used this technique with my van. Something was spilled into the carpet and smelled so bad. I cleaned it, sprinkled the baking soda, let it sit, vacuum and the smell was all gone. Hope this helps!

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answers from Portland on

Success in removing urine odor depends on several things. Is the odor in just one relatively small spot or does most of the carpet smell? Is the smell the result of 2-3 recent accidents or has an animal peed on it regularly over a period of time?

We had a dog that peed everyday in the corner of the room and it was some time before we discovered it. I had the carpet professionally cleaned. They cleaned that corner three times. After the first time they lifted the carpet and pad and cleaned the hardwood floor and the pad. The carpet still had a faint smell. We gave the dog to my mother and he never peed at her house. :)

Eventually I didn't notice the smell. Several years later we got a different dog who immediately started peeing in that corner even tho he hadn't peed in his previous home. I learned from the vet that tho the smell may decrease enough that people won't smell it that dogs still can and will instinctively pee there. Same for cats and cat odors.

My daughter moved into an apartment in which the carpet in the front closet smelled like cat urine. She treated it with an enzyme cleaner several times and sprayed it with Febreze. The odor is not noticeable unless your nose is close to the carpet looking for a dropped glove. Then you can still smell it. :)

If the smell is just on one part of the carpet use an enzyme cleaner that you purchase from a veterinarian or a cleaning supply store so that you know you're getting the right one that is strong. Grocery stores have them but I've found them too weak to be of much use on stains that have been there long enough to completely dry. They may work for fresh stains.

If the smell is present on large areas of the carpet I'm afraid you won't be able to get it out. Also, you don't tell us the circumstances. If you've moved into a place with a cat smellin the air it's likely the cat has urinated all over the house or apartment.

I hope that the worst case scenario is not the one you have. Hopefully its just in a small area and is a new stain, in which case some of the answers from others may work.

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answers from Columbia on

I am not sure what the urine is from, like other have said. I have had the problem with both my dog (housetraining) and my son. What I have found that works the best is Odo-Ban. It is similar to Febreeze but is also and enzymatic cleaner and disinfectant. If the smell is from an animal you need to removal ALL traces of the smell or the spot will be reused. If the smell is from a person, you need to remove the smell or it will drive you nuts. :)
You can find Odo-Ban at Sam's club and maybe a few other places. It is a bit pricey, $10 a gallon. (I think they have started selling it in a spray jug in the pet department.) The gallon jug is a concentrated form and you dilute it, until you figure out all the uses for it, it will last forever. It doesn't stain and smells like eucalyptus. I used it as a spray when my puppy was learning that she had to go outside to potty. I use it when my son overflows his diaper and we have soggy sheets in the morning. I have used it on the couch when we had a large pee-pee accident on it. I when my husbands clothes are so smelly that I can't take it. :) I have also used it in the car to get that must smell out. It can be used in the washer with out staining your clothes. It can also be used as a cleaner for you kitchen/bathroom and just about any place in the house that needs to be clean. Other than how well it works, I like the smell the best.

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answers from St. Louis on

Nature's Miracle at Petco is wonderful.

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answers from Minneapolis on

The best products I have found to clean up the mess are Natures Miracle and regular old vinegar. Both products claim to mask the scent and prevent future accidents, but I haven’t found this to be true. What I usually do is clean the mess right away with Nature’s Miracle (or substitute vinegar if we are out). Once everything is cleaned and dry, I use Sol-u-mel and spray it on the carpet to eliminate the smell. Sol-u-mel has done the best job eliminating the nasty urine smell from the carpet.

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answers from Houston on

It depends on the dog? human?....there a variety of ways for all. I know (from my sister) that cat urine is the most resilient. Where as dog is not as bad as human pee.
If its animal urine, feed stores carry the best stuff. Cat urine, depending on how much and how long may just require carpet changing.
I dont think any kind of carpet fresh will help.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Our cat peed on our carpet. We tried many many kinds of odor removal, but still smelled it. (including Nature's Miracle) What worked for us was something called "Anti Icky Poo". Funny name, but great product. And the smell of the product is a shower fresh smell. It does NOT try to mask the odor with perfume! They know their chemistry. Amazon sells it, and they have a website too.

If the smell is a stubborn one, douse it and then leave it set on the carpet by putting a plastic tub over it for a few days to give it time to work before it dries out. (this didn't hurt our carpet in any way)

good luck!

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answers from Wichita on

If the urine smell is from a repeat offender, and the carpet is worth saving, taking up the carpet and replacing the smelly pad (which is what will actually hold the smell in) is your best bet--and you may have to prime the floor underneath to seal in the smell. Once you get the smell out of the carpet with the products others have mentioned, you can replace that section of pad and have the carpet re-laid... probably a $150 minumum from a carpet layer.

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answers from Austin on

Of course clean the carpet with a good spot remover and cleanser. Springkle baking soda just like Stephanie suggested will help.

If you can lift the carpet and replace that part of the pad and clean the floor below, it would help a lot. If not, you can purchase neutralizers that will help to neutralize the odor.. You can find these at large hardware stores and many pet stores..

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answers from Casper on

Chaparral tea is another cheap solution, get it at an herb store or pick your own. Run it through your carpet cleaner. I'm not sure if it stains though, but if you have a darker carpet like mine you shouldn't be able to tell.

I've used it on some very disgusting messes and the floor smells like dirt after.

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answers from St. Louis on

VINEGAR, and fabric refresher spray. !$ at $ tree

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