How Do I Get the Smell of Puke Out of My Couch?

Updated on January 21, 2008
B.L. asks from Ashley, IN
5 answers

We are going through our first bout of the stomach flu. My 2yr old threw up all over the couch, poor guy. It came so unexpectedly for him. Anyway, we cleaned up the mess, and thought we had it taken care of, but now the smell lingers, I tried frebreeze, and now it a fresh smelling puke smell. We have a micro-suede couch, so i can't use any chemical cleaners on it. I hate to have to pay someone to come clean it for us. any suggestions would be great, Thanks a bunch.

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I'm sorry to hear your son isn't feeling well. We went through the same thing - after trying fabrese and getting that same fresh puke, i used a damp rag with a little antibacterial dish soap and then used a rinsed out rag several times to get any soap out and then after it dried, the puke smell was gone, but the fabric on the couch didn't quite look the same. I'd rather have clean, disinfected and no smell. other then that you'd probably have to pay someone to have it professionally cleaned.



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Definitely try baking soda to soak up the smell. If there's a stain, I have used hydrogen peroxide on a wet washcloth and rub it in a little. Peroxide is awesome for bodily fluid stains. I have used it to get blood stains off my light beige sofa. Hope this helps!!



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We had the same problem and had a professional come out (after we had just got it cleaned about 1 month ago) and we has to use his sample of professional cleaner.....but honestly it still lingers in our microsuade couch. We have ended up using soap and water etc. I think that what really helped was getting WELL along the sides of the cushions.

Good luck.



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I hear you sister. I have 2 kids and 2 dogs. Between pee, puke, sticky fingers, doggie paws, you name it, I've had to remove it from my microfiber couch. The one good thing on my couch, is that the cushion covers are removable, but it has to be done carefully. I've had to take mine off and wash them several times. You want to just soak or wash on delicate and dry on low or no heat. You have to squeeze the cusion stuffing back in, but I was surprised at how easy it was, and happy my couch no longer stunk. You can even rinse the foam in the bath tub and let that air dry for 24 hrs. It beats having a pro clean it. Prior to this discovery, I used Woolite upholstry cleaner in a can from Dominicks. You spray, scrub, and vacuum up and works very well. Before my daughter peed on the couch, and was forced to use the prior method, that's what I used, and still do, for surface stink and stains. Good luck!

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