How Do I Get That Awful Urine Smell Out of My Carpet??

Updated on March 13, 2008
R. asks from McKinney, TX
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Okay here's my situation. My older son always goes pee in his little potty that he keeps in his room. I am usually good about cleaning it out right away or at least as soon as I notice it is full. Several times now, my younger son (who is only 15 months) has snuck into his brothers room when I was not looking and dumped the pee out all over the carpet. This has happened like three times now over the past several months and it is always in the same area of the carpet. I have cleaned it, sprayed it, vacumed, scrubed etc... but no matter what I do, the carpet seems to have a permanent smell of urine now. It is driving me crazy because I happen to think that the smell of urine is one of the worst smells!! My carpet is a frieze multi colored carpet which by the way is brand new. We just had it put in this past Dec. So there isn't any noticable stains where the urine has spilled, just an awful smell!! How do I get rid of it for good?? Any products out there that REALLY get the smell out?? HELP!!!

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I agree that Nature's Miracle is a great product.

You may also want to try this:
1/2 vinegar
1/2 water
It smells like vinegar for a couple of days, but after that the urine smell (and the vinegar smell) seems to disappear.

Good luck!



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It's possible that the urine has seeped into the carpet pad. The only sure-fire way to elimate the odor, if that's the case, is to remove and replace the pad. You can use Nature's Miracle (which I've used and really like) for the carpet and also have the carpet cleaned; but, the pad generally has to be replaced. Whomever laid your carpet should be able to return to your home pull back the carpet, cut out the pad, lay new pad and re-lay your carpet. If you have the carpets professionaly cleaned, the services have an anti-baterial spray, powder, etc. that they will use on the area where the urine was. (I know this after a toliet over-flowed into the carpeted hallway.)

Good luck. I, too, can not stand urine smell -- human or animal!




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A friend of mine suggested using equal parts baking soda and ground cloves. Mix them together and spread the mixture on the carpet, rubbing it in thoroughly. Leave it in for 24 hours and then vacuum it up. She has a large dog and it worked wonders to get the smell of animal urine out.



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As someone has already said "if its in the pad- its in there for good". Try Arm & Hammer carpet deoderizer for pets. You sprinkle on and vaccuum up. For tough smells- I cover the spot with it and let it set for a while- it has a pretty good scent. You may have to do it repeatedly but it will work. You can find it just about anywhere- Target, Albertsons etc. Good luck!



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My two kiddos have been NIGHTMARES to potty train. My daughter has the strongest smelling urine, it is terrible!!! They do well for a while and then they just decide (together of course) that they just aren't going to use the potty for a day or is really frustrating to begin with, but to clean it up??? Just NASTY!!!

What I have found to work the best, in my daughters room especially, is to clean it up as best as possible, then saturate the area with Lysol spray...I mean REALLY hose it down!! Let it dry on it's own. That usually really helps keep the smell gone in between more thorough cleanings!

A great way to spot clean carpets with problems like these, or stains is this...(my landlord has a carpet cleaning business...these tips came STRAIGHT from her and work like a charm!!!!!)

To clean a small stain or area try this (works for urine, marker, juice, anything that has already or might penetrate into the pad...

1) soak the area with carpet cleaner--for spot stains I use a mixture of liquid laundry soap, fabric softner, ammonia, and water. I don't get really specific with the mixture...but I do mix it fairly potent!!! Or you can use any of your favorite carpet cleaners

2) The trick is this though...fold up a white towel and place over the stain. Then place something HEAVY on the towel. This pulls the stain up OUT of the carpet and the padding. Keep repeating this until the stain and/or odor is gone...

I promise you THIS WORKS!!!! I have saved some pretty bad carpets tihs way. Of course, I plan to replace the carpets and padding, but not until they are DONE for good with this stage!! I don't have that kind of money to be wasting right now!!!

She also told me that the MAIN ingredient in almost all chemical carpet cleaners is plain old ammonia!!! So, I just started saving my money on carpet cleaners and use ammonia all the time. Ammonia is the KEY ingredient in ALL carpet cleaners that advertise they can get red and other such "impossible" stains out!

For regular shampooing I make my own shampoo also....

1 cup liquid laundry soap
1 cup liquid fabric softner
1/2 cup ammonia
add to 1 gallon hot water

I would highly recommend using the ammonia to get rid of the urine smell until it is more feasible to replace the carpet and/or padding.

Hope this helps!!!
hugs and brightest of blessings



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I'm a huge fan of Nature's Miracle and Odorzout All-Purpose Granules. You can find both at any pet store -- PetSmart, Petco.

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