How Do I Get RED LIPSTICK Out of the Carpet

Updated on August 17, 2010
B.H. asks from Lenexa, KS
7 answers

My 8 year old took some RED lipstick into her room and it is all over the carpet. I am wanting to figure out some way to get the stains out of the carpet!!!!!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I don't know if this will work on red lipstick but I use Zout (found at Walmart, Target or regular grocery store). It is actually a laundry stain remover. I found this out one day by accident when I was out of carpet stain remover and needed to clean a spill. It worked great and actually better than the regular carpet cleaners I used to buy.


answers from Fayetteville on

Oxyclean??? I put some in a bucket, then DRENCH the spots, wait a few minutes, then get a mop and scrub and much as I can... then, I use my steam cleaner. Generally every stain comes up (except an extremely STUBBORN red koolaid stain lol). Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I use Sol U Mel by Melaleuca. I call it my miracle cleaner and have used it on carpet stains as well as clothes. I even used it to get paint off a good black dress and it did not harm the material or change the color. Now just to get back in that dress!!!


answers from Fresno on

Call a carpet cleaning company. This happened to me (along with nail polish as well, on white carpet... uggggh). I tried everything I could think of, with no luck. Lipstick is so greasy! I called a carpet cleaning company and it came right out for them. The carpet looked brand new.


answers from Kansas City on

i have to agree with sol-u-mel too. it took black paint out of my red rug, red taco sauce out of my cream rug, chocolate milk out of the cream rug. it is amazing!


answers from Dover on

Sol-U-Mel is the best stain remover and even works on permanent marker!



answers from St. Louis on

Try ice cubes-won't hurt the carpet-let them melt in and then try white vinegar with white (side) paper towels-pat don't rub.

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