How Do I Get Poop Cleaned Out of a Pack and Play?

Updated on December 06, 2008
E.S. asks from Waterloo, WI
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My two year old daughter took her diaper off an smeared poop all over the place at the sitters today. I feel terrible and would like to help her figure out how to clean the pack and play. Any suggestions?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the great suggestions! We opted to scrub it out in the bath tub with soap and water and then steam clean it with our scunci to make sure all the germs are dead.

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Can't helpwith the clean up ideas but along the same lines as the duct tape suggestion, use a diaper cover. I use cloth diapers about 50- 75% of the time and disposables the rest of the time. Well some of the covers I have for cloth diapers have snaps, a little trickier to remove than velcro tabs. maybe you could have her wear one over her disposables if you are worried about a repeat performance.

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Oxy-clean works wonders. Just be sure to use it in an area that is well ventilated so you don't fumigate yourself.



answers from Rapid City on

I think the car wash idea is good - take along a baby bottle brush cleaner and scrub the corners and mesh with it - and then after you rinse it, spray it with some kind of sanitizer. (throw away the brush cleaner)

If that sounds like too much work, maybe help her buy a replacement.



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Hi E.,

As a child care provider who is currently working towards a Quality Rating System goal, I can share that when the consultants came in to check my equipment, they requested that no pack and plays be used in child care - - because there is no safe way to clean and SANITIZE them. In a case like this, with fecal matter smeared everywhere, I'm thinking that your best bet would be to get rid of it. They now make portable cribs that fold up and store out of the way when not in use. They are completely wipeable - metal bars and a waterproof mattress. They can be spendy, but in my case there were grants that the consultant used to replace my pack and plays free of charge. Your provider may want to check into resources available to her.

The other option, since she is two, is to move her out of a pack and play and onto a nap mat or cot (in a supervised area - to keep the poop play in check :o) )

Also, don't feel terrible about it :o) Toddlers tend to engage in this type of behavior, and I'm sure your child care provider is not much surprised by it. Also, without trying to sound too harsh, she's the one who left your daughter awake and unsupervised long enough to create the mess with her soiled diaper. I think it's great that you feel moved to help her with the problem though :o)

Good luck!!!


answers from La Crosse on

i would say a bucket of warm water and either dish soap or lysol. then just warm water to rinse it off and then the lysol disinfection wipes once its dry.



answers from Minneapolis on

A bucket of warm/hot water mixed with dish soap... anitbacterial Dawn would be best. Scrub your little heart out! If there are still stains, use a toothbrush and get in there a bit better. On the netting sides you may have to put a towel on the out side while you are scrubbing the inside. If there is still a smell vinegar will neutralize it. For the future a small strip of duct tape over the front tabs of the diaper works wonders for the little ones that like to get creative with thier poo! Trust me it Really works! Best of Luck!

I would deffinetly avoid the lysol or any harmful chemical... your little one still has to sleep in there. Use gental nontoxic cleaning solutions



answers from Sioux Falls on

Hi E.,
I just saw this in a magazine. (American Baby)
Stain: Pee or Poop
Weapon of choice: Nature's Miracle
Why: This pet-stain remover (available at pet stores) has enzymes specially formulated to eat away at bacteria)
Procedure: 1. Saturate the stain with Nature's Miracle 2. Let soak for a few hours 3. Apply again, then rinse 4. Use the warm or cold water setting, not hot. 5. When done washing, check to see if the stain came out before putting in the dryer. If the stain is still there, repeat application and wash.

* you probably won't dry a pack and play ;)

Good luck! I am excited to be able to pass this along. I really hope it works for you! Let us all know!



answers from Waterloo on

If it's not too cold out you could squirt some Dawn on it and hose it down outside.



answers from Minneapolis on

bring it to a do it yourself carwar and hose it down? B.



answers from Des Moines on

Hi E.! As a daycare provider myself, I 1st want to say it's nice to see a parent step up and help out in a situation like this. Accidents happen at daycares but it's nice when the parents try to assist as well.
I've read the other suggestions and the portable crib idea sounds great but if you can't clean it completely maybe just offer to help get a new pack'n'play. I know some stores have them for super cheap.
Good Luck! I have a crazy 2 year old who is full of spunk and I can see this happening to me!

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