How Do I Get Nail Polish off the Wall and Floor?

Updated on April 23, 2013
S.M. asks from Denton, TX
6 answers

My daughter broke a bottle of nail polish in the bathroom. Bright pink. It is all over the wall and tile floor. How can I get it off? A magic eraser isn't working. I am all out of nail polish remover. I have acetone, but I am afraid that will wear the paint off the wall. Suggestions??

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answers from Kansas City on

I'd buy some more nail polish remover.

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answers from Chicago on

Go to Walgreens and buy more Nail Polish Remover.

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answers from Boston on

I've used regular nail polish remover on most surfaces (except carpet) with no problem. Can't even say how many times I've used it on my kitchen table!! Use just enough to get the polish off. It would probably take the paint off the wall also if you scrub too much, try just dabbing a little at a time. If you have some leftover paint in the same color you can always touch it up after.

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answers from Kansas City on

I had a red nail polish shatter on my beige carpet and I googled "how to get nail polish out of carpet". Motsenbocher's Lift off #3 was what was recommended most, so I bought it online. It took a couple of days to get to me, but it worked like magic. I love it. I'm not sure about paint, but it says you can use it on tile and floors and stuff, maybe try a tiny part of the wall to see if anything comes off besides the nail polish.

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answers from Portland on

Acetone may negatively affect the surface of the tile and remove paint from the wall. I'd try non-acetone polish remover first on a small inconspicuous spot before trying it on the polish.

I might try removing it with a razor blade. Be sure to get ones with a solid edge. i.e. not a double edged blade.

There are several Internet sites that tell how to remove nail polish. Google "remove nail polish from" and the type of surface your floor and wall are made of.

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