How Do I Get My 2 Year Old to Stop Breast Feeding at Night?

Updated on December 09, 2006
T.S. asks from Newberg, OR
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My daughter is going to be 3 in January, and still looks for a little breast snack in the middle of the night and early in the morning.
She sleeps most of the night in her own bed but up until recently always slept with us because she did not have her own room or her own bed.
She wakes up at about 4 am and comes and gets into bed with us and wants to breast feed then I don't know how to break her she screams if I don't give in and my husband has to get up early and when she screams it wakes him up I dont really know what to do and am sort of at my wits end......

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So What Happened?

I am happy to say we have been boobie free for 4 days my daughter is even sleeping longer in her own bed and not fussing so much we just quit cold turkey I told her that we were done with Booie night night and that she was a big girl now and I would be glad to snuggle her as much as she wanted.
And it worked she doesnt even ask for it and is sleeping very well longer each night.
Thank you all for all your great advice I appreciated it very much.
T. S.

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answers from Medford on

Hi T.,

I weaned my son from breastmilk to formula at 9 months (because he was giving all kinds of cues that he was ready to give up nursing and I had to go back to work) and at the same time I cut off all nighttime feedings. He accepted formula very well, but the first 5 nights or so were really hard. He just screamed and screamed because he wanted to eat - I think he would have been fine with breast or bottle, but I didn't give him either. You said she screams until you give in - don't give in, take her into another room so your husband can sleep, and comfort her in other ways - rock, sing, whatever she likes. Eventually, she will give up and go to sleep. She may wake up again and cry some more - they will be long nights for the both of you but in the end you'll be glad you did it. I hope this helps. Take care!

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answers from Anchorage on

I found the no cry sleep solution a godsend for encouraging my dd to stop nursing at night. It's a very slow process, but it worked wonders for us.

I was able to get her to stop nursing at night by 18 months. She didn't wean until 33 months.... but as long as I was getting sleep... I was happy :)



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This is really terrible advice... I had to go on a 4 day buisness trip last month. My son was still nursing before bed, and would try to nurse occasionally during the day. After I came home (he of course was just fine not nursing when I wasn't there) he'd ask (nuss, nuss!) and I told him "you're a big boy now. You don't nurse anymore." I didn't think it would work, but it did! That was it. He asked for about a week, but would accept the big boy talk. Can you make yourself unavailable for a few nights at bed time? Maybe it would help?



answers from Las Vegas on

When I night weaned my 23 month old son, it just took consistency. The first night he screamed and screamed and I just held him and held him. The second night was bad but not as bad, the third night better and the fourth night he slept through the night like it was no big deal. So I'd recommend trying it on the weekend when your husband doesn't need to be up early. Because unfortunately, probably the only way to do it is just do it.




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Hi T.,
I didn't run into this problem with my little one, but I would try taking her into another room and offering her a cup of milk. She may cry but hopefully this will only last a few days. If you have to take her in the rest room and close the door. She will adjust.
Good Luck!



answers from Eugene on

I think that, at this age, she'd probably respond to you telling her that nursing is only something you do during the day, or "when the sun is up," or something similar. If you say it every night before bed, it's avoiding confrontation in the moment, and I imagine that she'd get it pretty soon.

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