How Do I Get Lint Out My Son's Curls??

Updated on November 18, 2009
R.S. asks from Jackson, NJ
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Hello moms! I am a mom to an African-American child with very tight curly hair. I give him baths the night before (to get rid of day care dirt) and wash his hair daily. The problem is the next day, he awakens with a head full of lint from his sheets, and I can't comb it out easily. His hair's like velcro!

The same thing happens after he plays on our carpet floors. The only way I can get this stuff out is if I wash it out.

Does anyone have any ideas for how to remove lint from curly hair without having to wash it again? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Hi moms, thanks for the great advice. While I know that daily hair washing is not great for his hair type, I do it anyway because when he returns from day care it's dingy with stuff like glitter, snot, food, whatever, and often has wood chips stuck in it from the playground. However, I can go wash free for at least the weekend. All of your advice was great and I will try a few things. I'll let you know how things go - thanks!!!

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Please stop washing his hair daily. Washing hair strips the hair of its natural oils which is especially bad for this hair type. Washing his hair once a week is better. Get a hard or medium bristle brush. Wet the brush and softly brush through the hair. For really tough lint you may consider using your fingers to remove it from the hair. You can use some natural oils such as jojoba, almond or even raw shea butter on the hair for sheen.

This hair type shouldn't really be combed but brushed or finger combed. It causes less stress to the hair. If you really feel the need to comb through the hair, start at the tips and work your way back to the scalp. Work with small sections of hair at a time instead of it as a whole.

You can even use a damp wash cloth to remove the lint. Just slide it over the hair where there is lint. The lint will be picked up.

His type of hair has the ability to hold water so be careful not to let him leave the house with a wet scalp because this can expose him to germs and he will get sick.

You can also switch to satin pillow cases which do not hold lint. You may also consider getting him a wave cap or bandana which he can wear on his head at night to protect his hair from lint. Hopefully this is helpful to you. Let me know.



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Most little African American boys have their hair cut short. Also, washing AA hair everyday is a little extreme. Our hair needs the natural oils, unlike Euro hair, it develops oil that needs to be removed daily, so once a week for hair washing is sufficient unless it is ie: some extra kind of dirt. I have natural hair and there are certain kinds of blankets that I do not use. ie fluffy, or blankets that bead up and give off lint. I usually use a sheet with my quilt which has a duvet cover on it. Take your son to the barber and ask the barber to advise you. I Think that might be better. Make sure it is one the services AA hair.



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Hi R.,
I'm in agreement with the mothers so far and would like to stress the covering of the head while he sleeps so that the lint won't collect in his hair. You could even go to the 99 cent store and pick up some doo (sp?) rags for him. They're satin.
Good luck!



answers from New York on

you can place a stocking(sheer) over a brush and brush the lint out of his hair. Also try using a deep conditioner, suave kids 2 in 1 shampoo is great. Maybe wash his hair 3 times a week, to prevent dry hair which will attract lint. Hope it works, God Bless



answers from Philadelphia on

It sounds like he needs a sleep cap. My daughter wears one to bed and it has made a huge difference in hair prep in the morning. As well as making her hair softer. It's just a little satin cap (kind of like a shower cap) but it sure helps a lot. This may not be the response you are looking for but those lint rollers work well and if you go over the hair gently enough they won't snag anything other then the lint. You can get the rollers at the dollar store. Good luck.

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