How Do I Dispose of Old Paint?

Updated on September 03, 2008
S.V. asks from Fort Worth, TX
8 answers

I'm just wondering if anyone knows the proper way to dispose of old paint. I have probably 10 one-gallon cans, some are dried up, but others are not. Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

1) If you combine all of your old paints (like kinds latex with latex ect)you will get a great primer.

3) Paint the left over paint onto a piece of cardboard and let it dry. Then leave the empty can to dry over night. These can both then be disposed of with your local trash hauler.

4)Join a local Freecycle(tm) board and offer your left over paint to someone else to ues. You can find a group for your area at

5) See if your city has a hazardous chemical drop-off. (I listed this last because it should be the absolute last resort).

SAHM mom of two (18 and 4). HUGE advocate for using our resources wisely and portecting our environment.

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answers from Dallas on

I can tell you what NOT to do! Dont set it on the curb in hopes that the trash man will pick it up. It doesnt work. Haha.



answers from Abilene on

Not sure where you are from, but our local recycle centr accepts the old paint, and if someone needs that color, they are welcome to it, as for the dried up stuff, they will either dispose of it for you, or tell you where you can. Thank you for not throwing it in the trash!



answers from Tyler on

Put kitty litter (not clumping) or oil dry - I think the recommendation is one cup of either (I used more in my paint cans). Just pour it in the can. I usually stir it up to get the kitty litter mixed in good - then just let it sit (maybe a day or two) until it's dry and then you can put it on the curb for regular garbage pick up. I got this information from the flyer in my water bill (in Tyler) when we had our amnesty week a couple of years ago.



answers from Dallas on

Depends on where you live. In Irving, you can call the sanitation department and they'll send a special truck to pick it up from your curb. But, not all cities do that. Call you city's sanitation department to find out what you're supposed to do in your city.



answers from Dallas on

Open the lids and let them dry out completely. Where I live we have a city wide drop off for that kind of stuff, 2 times a year. Call your city offices and ask where you can drop them off the ones with more paint in them.



answers from Dallas on

Hi S.,
If you're a resident of Ft. Worth you can drop paint and other chemicals at the drop center off John T White & 820. You'll need a recent copy of your water/trash bill. If you go to the city of Ft. Worth's website and find the link to trash you can pull up a map and their hours. It's real easy, you load them in your car and pull up they unload and dispose for you it doesn't even have to be dried up.



answers from Odessa on

I saw some stuff on the paint department counter at Home Depot. I can't remember exactly the name of it, but it was something that you add to your cans that are not dried up and it makes them a solid. The label said once it is a solid you can put it out with the rest of your trash. Might work!

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