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Updated on August 06, 2011
A.W. asks from Carrollton, TX
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Jayden is 20 months i have no idea what do for her 2 birthday
it scares me

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answers from San Francisco on

Try not to let it scare you or stress you out. I had my son's 2nd birthday at a park. The kids were all entertained having the playground there. Since it was from 2-4, I just had some finger foods and cupcakes. Very simple parties can be very nice.

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answers from Denver on

very little ! she will be very happy with two friends and a store bought cake with a few balloons and party hats from the dollar store. The 2yr old parties I have been to are often overwhelming for the birthday child and some guests. Save your sanity and your money until next year and the years after that when Jayden will know what cake he wants, toys he wants, friends etc.

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answers from New York on

Invite the family over, have some cake, icecream and coffee. Keep it very simple. A 2 year old doesn't care.

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answers from Dallas on

Whatever you want to that will make you happy and keep your stress level down. She's 2 and won't care.

Birthday parties before 4-5 years old are more for parents and families than anything. To the kids, it's just a day when more people are around and there's a cake with fire on it. LOL :)

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answers from Kansas City on

At 2 years old for both of our kids we just invited family and close friends and had a small get together at our house or the park. Our oldest is going to be 4 soon and this is the first year we will be doing a big party since he understand what a Birthday is now. We will probably have his party at Incredible Pizza this year and still only invite family and close friends- but have a "bigger" party.



answers from Beaumont on

Like McKenna's answer. Very simple. Don't spend much, she won't care either way.



answers from Appleton on

Bake a cake and invite some friends for cake and ice cream. Use paper plates to make the clean-up easier.



answers from Atlanta on

No reason to worry! You could go as simple as getting a cake, some baloons and a gift or if you have family and friends, invite them for a party. Does she go to daycare or preschool? Invite those kids and families over or have it at a local park or at the school on her birthday. She's a baby -she'll get a kick out of anything! Bubbles and play doh will excite her! Don't stress it -enjoy! I've just akways invited a bunch of kids and friends over to run around and eat cake.



answers from Washington DC on

Go to BJ's or Costco and get a huge box. Make it a house by cutting windows, etc. Give her some washable markers to color whatever she wants on it. Best birthday gift/party ever!



answers from Springfield on

What would you like to do? We had family and just a few friends over for a barbecue. We have a large backyard and a nice play structure, so there was plenty for cousins and other kids to do. Our son loved it!

If you don't want to have people over, I would consider a neighborhood park. Maybe do a cookout there or prepare food for a picnic. At 2 years old, family and close friends is more than enough. Any party you do is really for you and the other adults anyway.

Just do what sounds like fun to you :-)


answers from Boston on

She will have no idea what is going on. Kids that age do not care about themes or activities or games. They just like to open a few toys. Keep is small and simple, with just CLOSE family or a FEW friends. Do not worry about decorations or goodie bags or anything. Get a few cupcakes in different flavors and stick a candle in Jayden's. You could arrange the cupcakes on a tray or a cookie sheet covered with foil - make them into a "J" or into a "2". Simple simple. Not sure what you are scared of - if it's Jayden's reaction, don't worry because she has no expectations at this age. If it's the reaction or expectations of other people, you're inviting the wrong people! Childrearing experts caution AGAINST overwhelming and overstimulating young children with big overblown parties. Even 5 and 6 year olds get overwhelmed with a huge to-do. We kept our parties simple and everyone always had fun - when our son turned 5, he got to invite 5 friends. The parents didn't stay, they came back in 2 hours. When he turned 7, he got to invite 7 friends. None of this "entire class must come" nonsense! I didn't want my son to get 25 gifts, and I didn't want to spend the year going to 25 parties of other kids, half of whom he wasn't all that friendly with. For you, just invite a couple of neighbors or your immediate family, whomever are important to you and Jayden. Scale your intentions way back and everyone will have a much better time just enjoying each other's company!

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