How Did You Lose You Baby Weight?

Updated on January 07, 2008
K.Z. asks from Joliet, IL
12 answers

My husband and I are planning our 5 year anniversary cruise and would like to know how everyone else lost the baby weight. I am really interested in the last 10-15 lbs. Any great pills you have used or inexpensive programs?
Cruise is in April.
Thanks to all in advance

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answers from Chicago on

I have two kids and with the 2nd i still had 16lbs from my 1st....
So after my 2nd i still had over 20lbs of baby weight...
I was getting married in sept and started going to the gym

All i did was go to the gym, i didnt change the way i eat. Not that i eat bad but people at work wonder how my bread and icecream diet

But i just did cardio(I ran for about 30min)
and the One thing i think worked was "SQUATS"!!!!! I swear by them......just different types of squats,

after squats i did light weights for my arms......i was probably at the gym for about 1hr 30min. 4x wk.

but cardio, squats and light weights is the best thing.
I lost weight FAST.......

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answers from Chicago on

I've lost about 20 pounds by:

-Joining, a free website dedicated to weight loss. Great tips, support, ideas, articles, and self-trackers, etc!

-Counting my calories per day. Don't want to exceed 1300 calories (sparkpeople will tell u how much calories u should consume a day). Lots of sites including sparkpeople have an area where u can find out how much calories a burger has, etc. You'd be shocked how many calories certain foods have!!!!

-Cardio at least 4-5x a week, at least 30 minutes or more. ANything that raises your heart rate. Walking, treadmill, elliptical, etc. If u can't join a gym, get home excercise tapes (highly recommended: Turbo Jam or Tae Bo).

-Weight lifting at least 2x a week. Added muscle bulk raises your metabolism and gives you that lean, strong, svelte look. It WONT bulk you up like Arnie Schwartznegger, women simply can't bulk up.

-Lotsa water. Since I hate water, I add those zero calorie sweeteners to my water bottles. Consuming lots of water raises your metabolism.

-Lastly, the obvious: eat less junk. Just don't buy any junk food to keep in the house. That way if u have cravings, you don't have any junk to eat. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar keeps cravings away when it comes. Or, simply brush your teeth!

Find an exercise u enjoy, or you will dread it all the time. Being a full time working mom, I found exercising before work is the only time of day I can do it. Don't deprive yourself of the stuff you love, or you will crash. Eat those stuff in moderation and remember to tally up the calories u eat. Keep a food diary with the calories written next to it. It REALLY opened my eyes to what I was eating!

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answers from Chicago on

I did WW again and lost 35lbs. I swear by the program. It really teaches you to eat well, portion control as well as encourage exercise. They have various plans (at home kit, online, going to meetings). If a "program" isn't good for you then maybe just tracking what you eat, eating 5 small meals throughout day and upping exercise will help. Good luck and have fun!



answers from Chicago on

Hi, K.. Hubby and I started Atkins on Wed and also the Slim in 6 workout.

Here's the website for Slim in 6:

I haven't weighed myself but in the past 4 days, I've lost 1/2 an inch in the bust, 2 inches in my waist, and 1 1/2 inches in my hips. And I've already got lots of muscle tone going on (Had absolutely none to begin with). The 6 in the slim in 6 stands for 6 weeks. It's total body transformation.

If you're interested in Atkins, check out Dana Carpenders 500 Low Carb recipes.

It really helps to break up the monotony of a low carb diet. I've gotten some great recipes from there.

Just an aside, the main reason that it's so hard to lose the last 10lbs in a low cal diet is because you're basically starving yourself and your body goes into starvation mode. What happens then is that your body is trying to keep those last extra lbs because it thinks you don't have enough food to eat. It's a survival thing. When you low carb it, (which ever diet you choose) you don't starve, but get to eat real food that satisfies you. So it's much easier to drop those extra pounds.

Anyways, whatever you decide to do, I'm sure you'll look great in the end! I hope you enjoy your cruise.




answers from Chicago on

I am a firm believer in exercise and eating pretty much what you want but in moderation. So instead of eating a whole donut eat half. I don't know about you but after my second baby the stomach just would not go back in to shape. Actually 18 months later I am still working on it. To me exercise is even taking a mile or two walk with my kids in the stroller. Enjoy your cruise even if you don't lose that 10-15 lbs. I am sure your husband loves you the way you are.



answers from Fort Wayne on

My last 10 were the hardest. I did it by eating Special K in the morning and for lunch, and working out 4-5 times a week doing 20 minutes cardio and about 30 minutes of weight lifting. It still took about 6-8 weeks for all of it to be gone. I could've lost it faster if I would've increased my cardio to about 45 minutes, but 20 was hard enough for me. I can't stand sweating profusely and plus do not enjoy running. Also, use the eliptical machines rather than the treadmill. You burn more calories in less time.



answers from Evansville on

My doc's advice was to exercise at least 30 minutes three times a week, but if you want to lose more you might exercise at least five times per week even if it walking. I have started alternating, cardio three times per week and lifting weights two to three times per week. It has taken me 2 years to lose 20 lbs. But the more you focus on it, the more you will lose. The important thing is to burn more calories that you are consuming. Watch your calories, but still eat healthy food, and exercise regularly. My goal is to lose five or ten more lbs by March so I can see my husband one last time before he goes to Iraq. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I went to Weight Watchers. Exercise, eat healthy, and portion control. You can do it!



answers from Chicago on

South Beach Diet. Works wonders and you will see results fast!



answers from Chicago on

Ditto on South Beach. I lost 45 pounds in 4 months just by going on this diet. I already exercised moderately, but really only enough to maintain, not lose, weight. Trust me, it sucks to have to eat a lot of egg whites and salads, but the weight just melts off. Good luck and have a great time!



answers from Chicago on

Hi K.,

I did Weight Watchers as well. It's nice to actually 'go to' the meetings. It gives you little encouragement to stick to it. You can also purchase their snacks. If you do the Flex Points program, you're allowed a little extra wiggle room and you can still eat whatever you want. Just makes you think a little...that very small 3 point cookie or a larger dinner.

If you decide WW, Jolly Time Popcorn is a good 1 point snack and WW snack bars. The mint tastes just like a Frango or the Girl Scout mint cookies, their Carmel bars are the best. Another tip, if you do join, buy their starter kit ($25). It gives you a dining out guide, menu book, point finder and you can keep this if you ever gain a couple of pounds and need to go back on.

Good luck..soooooo jealous you are going on a cruise.

P.S. I tried Alli. I was starving on it. They allow you a certain amount of calories and fat grams. I was more worried about the fat grams (that's where you may have the bathroom problem, I did not because I stayed at my fat gram intake). The calories were the problem.....not enough. Not to mention expensive. Their starter kit was $69 at Costco and pills after I think are $50. You take 3 a day along with a vitamin. Needless to say back on WW. I had a baby a year ago and just cannot seem to loose my last 10 lbs.



answers from Chicago on

Probably not the answer you are looking for, but here's what worked for me (I gained 45 lbs during my first pregnancy and it was gone by 6 months):
1. Breastfeeding - burns a lot of calories!
2. Eat whole foods, and stop when you're not hungry any more. I'm mostly vegetarian, tend to eat a lot of veggies, beans and grains.
3. Oatmeal for breakfast - this is a great healthy food that sticks with you for the WHOLE morning. I prefer the steel cut oats instead of the rolled ones.
4. Don't be afraid of some fat. It helps you stay feeling full. I like to put a little butter and salt on my oatmeal in the mornings, but you could opt for some maple syrup and milk too.
5. Cook yourself instead of eating out. Pack a sandwich and a yogurt for lunch etc.
6. A small bite of something fabulous is much better than many larger bites of a poor substitute. Go ahead and have a chocolate truffle - just one. Enjoy it. Do it instead of having a whole piece of fat-free/spenda whatever cake. You'll be happy you did. All things in moderation. It's much better, IMHO, to eat REAL food (with real butter, real sugar etc - if you're craving something sweet) in small portions than fake food in a larger portion.
7. Mostly, be mindful of what you eat. Don't eat bcause it's time to eat - eat when you're hungry. Stop when you're not. Snack when you need to, but keep healthy snacks around. Or, divide your sandwich in half and eat half at 11:00 and half at 2:00. There aren't any firm rules here.

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