How Did You Lose the Weight?

Updated on March 02, 2017
T.L. asks from Keller, TX
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Okay...summer is over and I need to get back in the gym. Since baby #4 (who is 5 years old), I haven't been able to stay out of the 172-180 range. Last year in September, I did get down to 158 but that was due to stress. Now I'm at 179. I was doing the AquaFit class at LA Fitness. While it helped with my fibromyalgia, it didn't do anything for the weight.

Any tried and true suggestions? What did you do, how much did you lose and how long did it take?

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answers from Dallas on

Hi Tami I only have two kids and I always been an overweight person. I always struggled to lose weight . I have an 2yr old and a 11 month old. With my 11 month . When I delievered him I weighed 198 lbs. I was devasted. I had tired Medifast(for me) it was terrible I took over the counter pills and I would feel all shakey. Then my sister took HERBALIFE she weighed 175 and now she weighs 132. when I saw her I was like WOW.I started taking it in June and I weighed 198 and Now I'm proudly to say I weigh 142 and I still feel like I need to lose just 10pounds more. I love the product and Now I signed up . I love it and feel much better about myself. you can go to my website it is
and what it is? shakes and natural pills and you take two shakes a day and 1 meal and trust me the shakes really full you up and they taste good and they have different flavors. and it also gives you energy. I can e-mail you pictures of me before and after if you liked! I hope this help you out wish you best of luck.

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If you've been diagnosed with FM, then you should absolutely get your thyroid tested - along with TSH (which is often the only things they'll test), they need to test for antibodies (TPO and anti-thyroid antibodies) and Free T3 and Free T4.

Once you get your test results, I urge you to join the Texas Thyroid Yahoo group:
It's a patient support group that can help explain what the results mean and the group can recommend doctors that have a track record for helping folks - very few doctors in our area do. When you subscribe, tell them M. B sent you as they do screen folks to keep out spam and lurkers that are there for the wrong reasons (i.e., insurance company weasles, doctors that think we're nuts and want info to take to the medical board to get rid of the competition, etc.).

You should also be screened for celiac disease. It is far more common than most doctors know - there are 2 million people that have YET to be diagnosed. The most accurate test for both celiac and gluten intolerance (an immune reaction that doesn't impact the gut but impacts the nervous system) is available through enterolab:

I also do NOT recommend the Chronic Fatigue and FM centers in the DFW area as anyone I know that goes there is undermedicated in terms of thyroid.

Another very important consideration for FM is toxins. This doctor is a pioneer of a biotoxin elimination protocol that is recommended by Teitelbaum:
This doctor's theory is that many folks are overweight due to the toxins - this can result in high levels of leptin, which causes your body to convert just about everything to straight fat and thus weight gain that cannot be managed with exercise or diet. This doc also recommends a gluten-free diet.

And, both hypothryoidsim and celiac disease can contribute to weight problems. The hypothyroidism slows down your metabolism and the celiac results in nutritional deficiencies which can trigger overeating as your body is craving nutrients.

I know about all these things as I was in a similar situation as yourself for years. Also, childbirth is a very common trigger for these problems. While pregnant, the immune reactions are suppressed so that the "foreign" material (in the form of the fetus) isn't attacked - this is one reason why miscarriages are common in folks that have been diagnosed with autoimmune disease. Some folks immune systems over-react which leads to alot of these problems.

And, finally, none of these problems will go away unless they're properly addressed and unfortunately most doctors just treat the symptoms (this is just the current model for medicine in the U.S.). However, as you have found out, exercise can be an extremely (and necessary) tool for wellness in the case of FM, so please don't stop even if you're not seeing weight loss. Also, you must consider that muscle weighs more than fat, so anything you're on a diet, you need to go by how your clothes fit and not the scale.

Be well,
M. B.

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answers from Dallas on

I go to the YMCA 5 mornings a week and I love it. Of course, I also watch what I eat, but allow myself some goodies from time to time.



answers from Dallas on

Hi Tam,

For both weight loss and help with your fibromyalgia I recommend checking out

Take a look at the fast acting oral adaptogen sprays called Tunguska Mist. Adaptogens are a category of herbs that help the body deal with stress, restore balance, and support normal metabolic processes. Often times stress causes us to overeat as well as produce excess cortisol (causes the body to store fat). Adaptogens support weight management by regulating blood sugar, insulin metabolism, and cortisol levels; aid in digestion; and increase energy. In fact, adaptogens have the ability to shift the body's metabolism to a greater use of fat for energy.

The rapid release delivery system of the adaptogens in Tunguska Mist Pure and Tunguska Mist Slim will help bring your body into balance, reduce stress at the cellular level, and suppress your appetite to quash cravings. They are convenient to carry with you and take whenever you feel stress coming on, or need the extra willpower to support your weight loss program.

Are you also weight training? Lean muscle mass will help speed up your metabolism, thus you will burn more calories. Avoid fast food, processed foods, and especially all types of soft drinks, if you are not already. Eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day, while drinking plenty of water helps keep your engine burning!

2 great books that I recommend are: Living Lean, by Larry North and Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief by Winston and Maimes.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or need further advice/encouragement. I've studied health, wellness, and Kinesiology for over 15 years and have a passion for helping people change their life.

Believe in yourself and focus on your goals! You can do it!!!

Best regards,



answers from Springfield on

I have dropped 30+ pounds from my body by drinking an organic weight loss tea supplement called Mummy magic tea.


answers from Dallas on

Weight Watchers and walking are the only thing that has ever worked for me.



answers from Dallas on

I went on Medifast April 2nd (I go to the North Richland Hills center). I have lost 53 pounds since April 2nd! Wonderful!!!!!!!



answers from Dallas on

It's not a quick fix but with four kids, it might be something to consider. A few years ago I started walking a 3-mile route that a neighbor had mapped out. Within two weeks, she hurt her knee but I kept walking every single day all summer. I would usually go late in the evening, for you, it could be when the kids are in bed and not require anything of dad. Early in the morning would also work and you could also do a shorter route. Usually took me 45-50 minutes to walk it. I think getting out, getting your blood circulating, the endorphins and even the repetition of the walking was good for my psychological health in addition to my losing I think two clothes sizes.

I would think it would be easier with the FM issues. And, I got a car in the mail a few days ago from F & F Centers on Hulen relative to a free educational seminar, ###-###-####, might be some information of value to you.

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