How Did You Find Your Babysitter?

Updated on January 30, 2013
J.B. asks from Marietta, GA
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Hi Moms,

I have a question on how your found your babysitter. I have two children, 6 and 14 months. We have had babysitters in the past, but they have left because graduated, moved, etc. We have not had a reliable babysitter since the birth of my second child. I was just curious of the different methods that others found their babysitting care. I have used in the past, but that site seems a little pricey, but I guess you are paying for the background checks, references, etc. Has anyone used, and what did you think about? If someone has used both and, which site did you think was best. Sitter City is less expensive, and seems like they do offer some of the same services.

I would love to find a couple of reliable babysitters that would be available when we need the occasional care. We don't go out often, but it would be great to have someone we could call when we do need it. We do not have any family in the area and most of our friends have young children themselves and I am not interested in sharing a babysitter, especially with a young toddler.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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answers from Minneapolis on

If you know any high school teachers, ask them. My ex was a teacher and we always had great babysitters.

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answers from Beaumont on

I find them through my church. High school kids that work in the child care area on Sundays. Or a Mother's Day Out program....Have you asked your neighbors/friends who they use??

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answers from Grand Forks on

I would find out where they are doing the babysitters course in your area and contact the instructor.

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answers from San Francisco on

Our best and most reliable sitters have been our daycare and preschool teachers. They know the kids, the kids know them, and they are trained for emergencies. Also, they can really use the extra cash.

Even if they don't babysit as a rule, they may make an exception for your children. Doesn't hurt to ask!

Another option is to join a local mother's club. There are tons of benefits from joining a moms club... great referrals is just one.

I haven't tried sittercity or, but would do so if it were the only option.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Church, child care center staff that are looking for some additional income, friends who have kids that have a list of babysitters, friends kids, neighbors kids, and by running an add in the paper.

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answers from Kansas City on

I either use a friend, we trade babysitting, I'll watch her kids and she'll watch mine, or teens from church. When I went in to get information for my daughter's baptism, the youth group leader was there, and she told me she could give me a list of the reliable babysitters, and she's never steered me wrong.



answers from Miami on

When our daugther was first born we tried a few and decided that babysitters left alone in your house just do not have the best interest of your kid at heart. When she got a little older we did find a nice pre-k that worked out well. Started it a few times a week and then when old enough part time all week.



answers from Houston on

Nanny service. I wanted someone who was vetted and someone who would be dedicated to giving personalized care to my little one. I need to know that when I'm not around, she will notice when he's scratching in the same spot or call me if his eye is a little puffy. Not everybody needs that, but I need it from whoever is watching him, no matter the occasion.



answers from Chicago on

I can answer from the sitter end of this question lol. I work thru sitter city now. I have been with the current family for almost 3 years. I know several other sitters who are listed with them. some other ideas however if your only looking for occasional datenight type sitters

call your local ywca they have what is called the resource and referral and have listings of local licensed sitters.

call your local church and ask if they can recommend someone.

call your local community college and speak to someone in the early childhood department. the professors in that department can pass on your request to the students and you may get some interest that way. college students are consistently broke and if you have one who is in the early childhood program they will be working with young children.

call the local highschool and talk to a guidance counselor and ask if they know of anyone.


answers from Washington DC on

Our sitter is from She is AMAZING. We love her. She does our normal morning care (615-830) and then also our night outs. I can't tell you how much I love her.

We found her after a psycho sitter on there too though, so just go with your gut.

Our summer sitter last year was one of my mom's college students. We won't use her again though. I think she got bored the last few weeks and everyone was miserable.



answers from Atlanta on

I used, and in general, I was pleased. I still prefer personal recommendations, but I found a good sitter through sittercity and would use them again if needed. I have never used because all my friends were using sittercity, so I can't compare.


answers from Washington DC on

At the time we needed babysitters, we used our "Masters" from Tae Kwon Do. We had someone who knew how to protect our children and were known to us. Our boys LOVED it!!

I have friends who have used and found a great babysitter!

Now? If I was looking for a babysitter - i would call my local high school and talk to the counselors there. I know our high school has a sitter program, they certify the kids in CPR, first aid, etc.

Good luck!


answers from San Francisco on

Are there teenagers in your neighborhood? That's mostly who we used when our kids were little (we had a few regulars who were older sibs of our kids friends) and now MY kids are teens and babysit for others. We also had a college girl that I found by putting up a flyer at the local college, she was AWESOME.



answers from Los Angeles on

About four times a year our city offers a babysitting night where there are adults present but the teens keep the kids entertained. Plus the city offers babysitting classes to the teens. So the city recreation department might be a good place to start.

Church is also a great place to ask for referrals.


answers from Austin on

Through relatives, friends and neighbors.

Our day care teachers.

The neighborhood church.

The local high school, Drill Team and National Honor Society.

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