How Did You Feel After Mirena?

Updated on February 25, 2011
R.D. asks from Haysville, KS
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Hey moms, so as some of you may know, I've been wondering if Mirena could be contributing to any of the problems I have been having. I also have some thyroid issues, and after seeing my regular dr. for the last time (LONG story, but she was horribel!) yesterday, it will be two and a half months before I can get into an endo. So, I have decided to just go ahead and get Mirena removed. At the dr. yesterday, I weighed in at 130 pounds. I am 5'4, and not really sure, but I think that weight is fine. The thing is, before having my daughter, I was 100-105 pounds. Now, I'm not expecting to get down there, but I do work out, eat right (or at least attempt these things, and do so three times a week, if not more) and I have actually GAINED weight. I guess I'm what you call skinny fat. I just feel very pudgy. I'm so sluggish and apathetic. I could care less about anything. Very irritable, and cry a lot for no apparent reason. My hair is horribly dry (which once again, could be thyroid) and I am always dizzy and have horrible headaches. My regular dr. told me my thyroid is fine with the meds I'm on, but I still feel off, so who knows which one it is. But, might as well elminate one possibility. Oh....I also have horrible memory now, wheras before I had no problems with recalling/remembering anything. I also have acne that is getting worse. the question :) If you have had Mirena, and have had it removed, how did you feel afterward? Did you notice any changes? I'm not expecting miracles, but it would be nice to feel somewhat normal. Did you experience any "crash" that I have read a little bit about? Any suggestions or stories would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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answers from Raleigh on

How did I feel after my Mirena was removed? FREE! That thing caused me all sorts of problems, and I was just relieved to have the thing out. It did mess with my periods, but eventually I got back on track.

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answers from Chicago on

YES! I have never been on Mirena, but I have honestly heard this exact same story from at least 5 friends! My one girlfriend told me she almost divorced her husband - she would get crazy jealous or just emotional. She said almost immediately after she had it removed, she felt like herself again. I don't know about the crash - I just know that every person I have spoken to about this has had a similar experience and was happy to have it removed. Best of luck to you!

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I had a friend who had it in and gained weight and was very irritable all the time. When she had it removed her doctor had told her that what it basically did to your body was make it feel like you were PMS'ing 24/7. She was kind of mad that her doctor didn't tell her that before she put it in. Once she had it removed, the weight she gained dropped off really fast and she finally felt like herself again.

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answers from Kansas City on

I don't have answers for you, and I have never had Mirena, but could I ask (beg) you to post on the "what happened" if you find some answers? You just described all of my symptoms and I can't get answers from doctors, either!


answers from Boston on

I had mine removed a month ago and wish I had done it Sooner! I Hated it!!!! I never heard of the "crash" BUT now that you've said it, I think i may be going through something like that, BUT its better then when the Mirena was in! DO IT, you will feel alot better :-) good luck!
I havent dropped the weight i gained on it yet :-( SUCKS I'm working on it tho....



answers from Kansas City on

Go to a specialist for your thyroid...ALL these symptoms scream thyroid and the test may have been wrong. Get a second opinion. As for the memory loss, I think that is a mommy brain thing...but I would get a second opinion


answers from Salt Lake City on

It seems like Mirena questions have been popping up on this site a lot more lately! Here is a link to a recent question related to yours; might help.

I didn't have too many problems with the Mirena in, although I have heard a lot of ladies out there have. My periods were wildly irregular (sometimes every 2 weeks, sometimes once a month, sometimes no period for 2 months) and it was annoying to never know when to expect it. My libido did go down a lot. My skin got kindof bad. I had 10 lbs that I could not get to budge, even with exercising an hour a day and dieting.

I had it removed in November. My skin has cleared up a bit and I lost 10 lbs- but I had to work for it, it didn't just drop off on its own. I had a major "crash" that lasted a month. It started a week or 2 after removal. Extreme fatigue (napping 3+ hours a day, falling asleep when standing up!) depression, feeling on the verge of tears all the time. After a month I went back to normal. I did a lot of things to get back to normal faster: vitamins, amped up exercise, cutting out diet soda and caffeine, changing diet- I think those things helped a lot).

Getting it removed took 5 seconds and did not hurt at all and there was no cramping or bleeding afterward. I would get it out if I were you. Like I said, I didn't mind it when I had it, and I appreciated not having to remember taking BC daily, but I wouldn't do it again. It scares me to know the effects it can have on a body!



answers from Kokomo on

I was moody a lot when I had Mirena. I would cry for no reason and be very irritable with my husband. I remembered things okay but now that it is gone I do feel better and I am on a much more even keel.



answers from Austin on

I posted a Mirena question myself a couple of days ago. I have had mine in almost exactly 2 years. Overall, I have been happy with it. However, migraine headaches have gotten worse over the past 2 years and I am having a lot of trouble with my weight. I started thinking about it and immediately after having my son, I dropped from 182 down to 156.... Granted, I got sick after giving birth and immediately started nursing, but was doing pretty well at maintaining that weight for the first few months and after having Mirena put in, the weight really started packing on...very quickly. I am back at 182 (not good for my 5'4 frame, I am used to weighing in the 140-150 range) Granted, again, I wasn't exercising all that much, but did become very depressed, etc. It's hard to know if this was all normal for postpartum, or related to the Mirena, or both?

I have also had major loss of libido, mood swings, and horrible problems with pain around my episiotomy scar...almost like I can feel the Mirena poking me or something. Also had problems with BP, which are probably related more to the weight, but still... I've been much more committed to exercise and extremely health eating over the past month and plan to give it about 6-8 more weeks, see what progress I make and if it's nothing, check the thyroid, then move on from there.

Part of me thinks I should have Mirena out, but I hate condoms, am not ready for baby #2, and do not like taking BC pills because I am sloppy about doing it consistently-so kind of stuck. There sure seem to be a lot of us going through these same problems. I've heard many say they immediately felt better after removal, able to drop weight quickly, etc. My concern is that I jump to the decision to have it out, experience all the effects of that and then it turns out that it wasn't related to, I'm giving it time and really trying to tune into my body and check everything else before I go through that invasive hassle!

Best wishes to you!