How Come I Don't Sweat When I Work Out?

Updated on March 03, 2010
B.V. asks from Chicago, IL
6 answers

I feel like i'm not getting a work out because I am not drenched at the end of my work out except for my face. Am I getting a work out? I get on all sort of machines and I also do work out videos at home and it is the same thing. Only my face and some of my head sweats.

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answers from Chicago on

Take your pulse during your workout to determine whether or not you're getting the cardiovascular benefit. Use either your carotid artery (neck) or your radial artery (wrist). Make sure you are at least 10 minutes into your workout. Count for 6 seconds, then put a zero on the end of the number. The number you get should fall in your target heart rate zone. The simplest way to calculate your THRzone is:

220 - (your age) = ____ (I'm 36, so 220 - 36 = 184)

Take that ____ x .6 (for me, 184 X .6 = 115)

Take that ____ X .8 (for me, 184 X .8 = 147)

In other words, when I am working out...ten minutes into my workout when I take my pulse I should get a number between 115 - 147.

This is an extremely simplified way to determine if you're getting a workout, but it is a good start. If you don't get your bottom number - work harder (go faster, use your arms more, increase intensity). If you don't sweat much - yay you!!! I sweat like a hog!

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answers from Chicago on

As long as your heart rate is in the targeted range, you are getting a workout. Just make sure you are drinking enough water (before, during and after your work out).

You may be one of those lucky people that doesn't sweat as much. I'm jealous! I sweat a lot.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I sweat a lot. My mom barely sweats--ever! Just make sure you're not getting overheated as sweating is the body's cooling system. Ignore the sweat factor, a good workout is a good workout no matter the amt. of sweat!

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answers from Chicago on

I had a friend that never sweated. We would all be dying when it is 90 degrees and 50% humidity out and she would be cool as a cucumber. She loves the heat. Ugh. As long as your heart rate is at the right level for your workout and you can "feel the burn", I wouldn't worry about how much you actually sweat. It is the actual movement and muscle workout you do that gives your your actual workout, not the amount of sweating you do.

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answers from Savannah on

I barely sweat! I would walk out of an intense hour long kickboxing class and hop on the elliptical for another hour and barely have a glisten. I too wondered if I was doing enough...but then I noticed people who were in just as good of shape as me were not seeming to keep up with me but were drenched. If you're getting your heartrate up and maintaining that workout...I'm sure you're getting a good one! Be happy you're a lucky one that doesn't sweat bullets all the time. :)

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answers from Dallas on

I'm not a sweater, either. I could do 45min on an eliptical at a pretty high speed and just have some sweat around my hairline. I thought the same thing even tho I knew that I was getting a good workout. So just consider yourself lucky.

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