How Can I Get My Son to Drink from a Cup

Updated on April 13, 2007
A.H. asks from Allen, TX
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Hi Ladies
How can i get my son to drink from a cup. He will be 2 in June and he is still mastering to walk and he does great with a sippy cup. But his class room are more advanced and i wanted to teach him at home how to drink from a cup without him think it's a toy and throwing around the room:). He is very sharp and coming along great considering his condition (DS).
I was wondering how you ladies mastered this particular training with challenged kids.
Thanks alot!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all the advice. Eli and I will have fun trying!

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First of all, good for you for trying to give your sweet sone all that you can, and teaching him to keep up as best he can!! I only wanted to warn you not to try to use the little Dixie cups, you know the bathroom sized ones. The kids just love to squish them in their hands!! So a real plastic cup is better. Best of luck!! ~A.~



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Hi A.,
I am just wondering if you are getting ECI services due to his diagnosis. If you are you can ask the staff if they can help. If you are not getting their services you can call 800-628-5115 and they will come to your home, daycare or wherever to build overall skills and help all the caregivers.

Let us know what happens.



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My last daughter is just now learning to drink out of a cup. I fill a 7 oz cup about 1/4 away with water and let her do it herself. At first she didn't want to do it but she started to do it after I showed her how I did it with my cup. Once she got the hang of it was funny watching her surpised when she got some water. Yes they do get very wet but that is part of the fun of learning something new. Now she turns down the sippy cups if my husbands gives her one.
Good Luck!



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Start small. Use a small cup (about 8oz or less) and only fill it with about a swallow or two at first. Gradually increase the amount in the cup as he shows controll. I worked in a daycare for 3 years and honestly it is rather easy for a child to master a regular cup. It is fun, because they can be like the "big kids."

Good luck.

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