How Can I Get My 4 Year Old Son to Wear His Glasses?

Updated on November 14, 2016
G.R. asks from Dallas, TX
8 answers

When I took my daughter to the eye doctor I took my son and found out he needs glasses but he refuses to wear them. His left left eye is 20/40 and his right eye is 20/60. How can I get him to wear his glasses?

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answers from Binghamton on

No way would I force him or even try to get him to wear them. I have probably 20/60 in both eyes and only wear to drive at night. I think always wearing them weakens eyes at this age and what can he not see clearly that is important now? Wait till it's an issue seeing the board in school, if it becomes one.

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answers from Norfolk on

Surely the eye doctor has ideas about this?
4 is pretty young for glasses but I've seen kids/parents manage.
Just always remind him to wear his glasses.
He can't go anywhere without them and he can't turn the tv on without them.
It will take awhile for it to become a habit but eventually he'll always wear them.

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answers from Springfield on

i wouldn't fight the child on this one, as they grow up the vision will change. if you force the glasses the eyes will weaken and not correct themselvs. if left alone they could correct themselvs. son't fight the child, have the eyes rechecked in a year and evaluate the need for them then. once they are in school then you can make sure they are worn all day every dat while at school.. that is if the child still needs them.
(dd when 3 was tested that she may need glasses, eye dr said not to do it till she starts school and needs to focus to function. one year later her vision improved and glasses are no longer necessary.)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

The ophthalmologist told my 4 year old to wear his glasses all the time and he just did it.

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answers from Santa Fe on

Honestly, I would not make him wear his glasses if he does not want to yet. His vision is not that bad. When he gets older you will be able to reason with him and he will want to wear them to see better. I would bring them with you if you are going to say a movie theater and remind him that if he wears them he will be able to see better.

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answers from New York on

Well, 20/40 and 20/60 are NOT considered bad vision. In fact, you can still drive without corrective lenses in my state if you have this vision (which I have 20/40 in one eye - much worse in the other, but am not required to wear glasses when I drive). It is possible that the difference in how your son sees is so slight, he doesn't want to or remember to wear his glasses.

2 of my children have profound vision imparment at nearly 20/500 and one has 20/300. They don't even get out of bed without their glasses - they cannot see without them.

Get a new eye doctor - one that isn't going to tell you your kid is blind at near normal vision and clearly wanted to sell you a pair of glasses. Also, is it your son or your daughter? Hard to tell . . .

Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

he's a very small fellow.
be patient.
encourage him, but don't nag and don't threaten and don't reward.
i'd probably get a cute pair of readers and wear them most of the time myself. without nagging or threatening. just so he sees them and they become the norm to him.



answers from Miami on

I started wearing glasses at 4. I wasn't given a choice - I had two eye surgeries before I was 4, for strabismus in both eyes and did patch therapy and then got glasses. Wore them all the time until I was 13 and got contacts. I am now 44 and doing a combo of contacts and glasses - contacts help with maintaining the strabismus and glasses for the inevitable aging and trouble reading:( Despite the fact that I've been seeing eye doctors since I was born, the 20/40 and 20/60 don't really mean anything to me - I have no idea how he would see given those measurements. If he needs the glasses, then make sure they fit comfortably and once you are clear on that, be a parent and insist. IF he takes them off, he goes to bed. He will get the message. No playing, tv, electronics, unless he wears the glasses. Be tough mama.

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