How Can I Cover My Varicose Veins for One Day?

Updated on February 22, 2010
M.B. asks from Milwaukee, WI
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Hi everyone! I will be going to a costume party in March and will be wearing a specific outfit consisting of a white dress, black capris and sandals. The problem is, I have dark spider veins on the front of one leg and big ropey veins on the back of my other leg. Normally I would just wear shorts until I had a tan, but there's no way I can do that by March. I don't have time to visit a tanning salon (and that's not healthy anyway)... I was wondering if any of you can recommend a makeup or other product that will effectively cover my veins while giving me the look of bare legs. It's important that the makeup doesn't rub off onto the white dress or the black capris. I would wear hose but I really need the look of bare legs for this outfit. And, I've tried self-tanners but it doesn't look natural around my ankles because I can't put it there. This is only for one day, most of the time I don't mind how my legs look. Many thanks for any advice you have for me. *Peace*! :)

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So What Happened?

Hi everyone! The costume party was on Saturday and I decided to try Sheer Vitality pantyhose, and was satisfied with the results. Many many thanks to all of you for your input! *Peace*! ~M.

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answers from Sheboygan on

You could get some DermaBlend. It's a heavy coverage make-up designed for covering just such things....along with tattoos! lol Either that, or you could go and get a spray tan at the salon. DermaBlend is a bit expensive and can be hard to find at stores....I would look online if you're going to go that way.
Good luck!

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answers from Sacramento on

Dermablend makes an excellent concealer that will cover them up. It's specifically designed to cover up serious issues like scars and veins. I use it on a scar on my face and it works great. I'm not sure that it wouldn't rub off, though, so you might check the company's website for more information.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

I love micro mist by neutrogena. It's a spray sunless tanner that since you're spraying, goes on flawlessly. It would definitely help with it!

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answers from Austin on

The spray tan they do at most tanning places now is easy and fast. You get great results from one visit. It only takes about 25 minutes. The same amount of time that you would need to go shopping for hose or special makeup. Call around.

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I would suggest getting a pair of compression stockings and wearing them. When I was first told by my Dr. that I needed to get them, I totally balked at the idea, but have found out a couple of things: 1. they can give you a great tan look or natural look 2. they are not the support stockings that I recall my grandmother having to wear that looked NASTY- these look like nylons, only a little bit thicker (and don't run nearly as easily! 3. you may be surprised at how well your legs feel when you wear them! I have spider and varicose veins in my legs now and my legs feel much better when I wear them.

Check out a medical supply store so that you can get them fitted properly.

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answers from Nashville on

I second the idea of the spray tan. But if you are set on makeup you can get body concealer at lots of makeup counters like at Macy's or Nordstroms. My sister got some to cover a tattoo at her wedding at MAC makeup counter, but I thought it looked pretty cakey. That might have been because of the level of coverup she needed too though, I don't know. I would recommend going to a Sephora if you have one. It is a makeup store that carries a bunch of different lines. Good luck!

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answers from Milwaukee on

Clinique makes a cover up that is a yellow powder, it is made for red blotches on the face. I was at a wedding a few days after an accident that left me with 2 black eyes. They (at the clinique counter) put on yellow powder, thin a little blue powder and then a foundation after. It lasted from 10 that morning till 10 that night. The yellow powder is available and I use it for a cover up all the time.
M. in Wisconsin

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answers from Philadelphia on

Support panty hose maybe? Or the type of tights dancers wear that are sheer but not see through? Not great ideas I guess...

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answers from Clarksville on

they sell a special kind of makeup that you can use to cover up tattoos and such and i am guessing thst you could use it for this purpose as well. I dont know what it is called but i am sure you can google it.

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answers from Des Moines on

Look for spray on stockings. It's a little like spray tan, but instead of dying your skin, it sits on the surface and I think would provide a little more coverage, like makeup. It is not supposed to rub off, but it will wash off with soap and water. I've seen it at Walgreens before, but I haven't tried it. Might be worth a test run to see how it looks -- hope it works!

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answers from Norfolk on

Can you find some skin colored opaque tights?

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answers from Minneapolis on

Go to the tanning salon and get mystic tan. You can go one time and are instantly tan! They have special cream for your ankles and hands so they don't get that weird orange look. It is UV free so not harmful at all!

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