How Can I Childproof Kitchen Drawers?

Updated on June 08, 2007
B.H. asks from Justin, TX
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I have a 2 year old daughter who is into EVERYTHING. I have installed childproof latches on all the kitchen cabinets and they're working well. However I can't install them on my drawers and can't seem to find anything made especially for drawers. Does anyone have any advice?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the info ladies. I just purchased the magnetic locks. Hopefully the drawers won't be so "childproofed" that my hubs can't open them! :)

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Hi B.,

These are similar to the ones we use - They are easy to install since they are a one piece design.

Here is a link that will give you a lot of options for safety latches if those don't suit your needs -



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We had issues with the drawers also. You can use the magnet locks. We used "TotLoks" on ours. They come with an extra metal "slug" that you have to put in to make the magnet work because drawers are so thick. It takes a little practice and a lot of time, but they do work. If you have a lot, it may be worth calling a child proofing company to do it for you. is a good one. Another option if the metal slug doesn't work, is to use two magents back to back rather than the one. It makes it stronger. I have one drawer out of about 15 that I need to use 2 for.


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I second the Gerber drawer latches that Nicole has the link to. We use those on all cabinets and drawers in our house. The only place that I found them was at Tom Thumb. I like them because they are only one piece.
We use the magnetic Tot Locks on the two cabinets underneath our sink where we keep all our chemicals. I love those too but didn't want to have to get out the magnet when I wanted a knife :) Side note - we lost our original magnet that came with those locks and just bought some strong magnets at Home Depot as replacements because the Tot Lock replacement is expensive.
Good luck!



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I couldnt get any locks that fit on mine either, or that stopped my turbo kid) so we child proofed the old fashion way. All sharp knives are kept in a bin on top of the refrigerator. Sippy cups in another. Metal pots in one, plastic in another. All our chemicals are kept in the laundry room above the washing machines. Now my kids are 6 and 3 and things are still there. We dont have a lot of lower cabniets, so it was easier to decide what went up and what stayed down.

Hope that helps

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