How Accurately Can an Ultrasound Predict Gender at 14.5 Weeks?

Updated on May 27, 2010
Y.P. asks from Tempe, AZ
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I just had an ultrasound at 14w4d and the tech told me it's a girl. I saw the 3 white lines which are supposed to indicate that it's a girl and the tech said she felt definite it was a girl. I just didn't think that all the genitalia was formed enough to see by 14.5 weeks. Is it possible to tell this early?

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answers from Denver on

We were told at about this time my DAUGHTER was a boy... at 20 weeks, confirmed girl. Hold out until 20 weeks for the final determination! Congrats!

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answers from York on

My OB will not do the gender ultrasound until at least 17 weeks. He actually prefers closer to 20 weeks for accuracy. If I were you I wouldn't start buying pink yet :)



answers from Albuquerque on

It's never 100% sure til the baby is born. People put a lot of stock in ultrasounds (both for accuracy in gender and size, as well as their safety). I know many people who thought they were having one gender and turned out to was another. I'm surprised the tech would venture a guess so early. And nothing is definite.


answers from Jacksonville on

I'd say it's 50/50. lol



answers from Denver on

I have heard that the way they usually predict gender is by looking for ovaries as opposed to little boy bits or lack thereof. I think they point out the bits on the outside to us because that is what we want to see. But I've heard they really don't need even see them to tell. They can tell by what's inside.
**Of course, my source could be WAY off but it sounds like it makes sense to me.



answers from Albuquerque on

I just had an ultrasound at 11 weeks and we could see the boy "parts", so probably is accurate. Also techs and doctors do these ultrasounds everyday so they really know what they're doing and what to look for. ..But I would definately wait another month or so and have it done again-just to be safe. Congrats!



answers from Washington DC on

Its probably more of the fact that something wasn't showing on the ultrasound. I didn't have mine until 17w so I don't know how what the accuracy deadline is. I do know that they are more opt to tell you if they think it is a girl than if they think it is a boy, just because what they think may be there, may not, but if they don't even see it to begin with...

Good luck



answers from Dallas on

I cant tell you statistics but my dr told me the best time to see and be the most sure is after 16 wks. The best way to tell that early is amno and I wouldn't recommend that so just wait it out.



answers from Phoenix on

I wouldn't paint the nursery yet - we had an ultrasound at 13w6d and it said boy, but at my 21 week ultrasound, she was quite clearly a girl! I'm not due till August, so I can't definitely say which was right, but I'm going with girl. All babies do develop at different rates though, and it may very well be a boy even if all she did was guess! Good luck!


answers from Spokane on

Absolutely! Of course it does depend on a few things. If it's a high resolution machine and your tech knows his stuff, they can usually tell. 3 white lines sounds like a girl to me too.


answers from Los Angeles on

Well mine was a bit difficult i actually had my ultrasound at maybe 22 -23 wks, my bby would let herself show, so if i were u i'll make sure and wait til ur 21 wks for accuracy!!!!

Good luck!!! Any names yet??/



answers from Phoenix on

I don't think you should put to much into an ultrasound "sexing" your baby. Personally, I never found out until her birthday, wanted that surprise. But, I have heard of people finding out its a boy/girl, prepping for that, and then delivering the opposite of what was expected. Ultrasounds have also missed the presence of a second baby. Whatever happens, good luck and congratulations!

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