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Updated on June 17, 2012
E.C. asks from North Richland Hills, TX
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Hey Ladies,

A mom I babysit for asked me if I would like to help her around her house twice a month with some cleaning. She didn't want to have a major company come through but more a less an individual and asked me since she can trust me and knew I needed some extra money.

Now I need to give her a quote for the following services. She wants to know what other moms are paying etc so she can pay me accordingly and asked me to post on here. This is what she would like:

Deep Cleaning such as Bathrooms (3 full ones), Floors, Dusting, Baseboards (when needed) And would like it every two weeks. (she didn't mention kitchen so not sure on that) There is 4 bedrooms and three bathrooms in about 2,100 sq I would presume.

Thanks in advance

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answers from Los Angeles on

My name is R. belica and I clean houses at a reasonable price, I have more than 10 years in experience if you please need some housekeeping contact me please.
My email is [email protected]



answers from Dallas on

I own a cleaning company. Its just myself and my sister. We charge between $60- $125 per house. For that size and the amount that she is wanting done we would charge around $70 good luck!!!



answers from Dallas on

Our house is 2700 square feet. Our housekeeper comes every other week and deep cleans the bathrooms, floors, dusts, baseboards as needed, and the kitchen. She also washes the sheets on our bed and makes all the beds. We pay her $75 each visit.



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My sister-in-law paid her housekeeper $60 every week for full housekeeping. I think she came in every Thursday and did all the normal cleaning, including all that you mentioned, plus any laundry that needed to be done, dishes, making beds, etc. They had a 2200 sq foot house at the time, oh, and that was in Houston.

Whenever I've had my house cleaned, I paid based on the number of hours. 2 girls for 4 hours is $130 I believe. I only have our house professionally cleaned once or twice a year and it's around 3100 sqft so it takes the full 4 hours. I know of another housekeeper that charges strictly by the hour - $13/hour, any cleaning you want done. HTH :-)



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Hi E.,

I clean houses on a part time basis, due to having a full time job, (although I would love to do it full time and asking GOD in the guidance for that opportunity). I have worked for several cleaning companies way back in the day and for the most part, they are pricey and do not do the job of a dedicated individual. You may want to do a flat fee, but I charge $15.00 an hour. God Bless You


D. :-)

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