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Updated on January 21, 2011
K.S. asks from Keller, TX
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I have a very small home/trailer, I am looking for suggestions on how to maximize my space (with minimal costs) I have been getting shelving, & looking at consignment etc for taller chest of drawers for the you have any other suggestions for me on how to better organize each room? any tips are appreciated! i cannot take the clutter anymore!

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answers from Dallas on

Ditto on the decluttering. My husbs is a total hoarder, and I'm constantly like, do you NEED that? How often do you use it? Once every 10 years? See ya!!!

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answers from Houston on

First, de-clutter as much as possible. Recycle, donate, garage sale and throw away things you do not need.

Second, I like shelving with pretty little baskets or boxes. I also like those wire storage shelving for the back doors of closets and pantry doors.

I have a dresser that I got too that I keep odds and ends in. It doubles as like a kitchen island and each drawer is pretty organized, that way it doesn't end up just storing more junk.

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answers from Miami on

I have a motto that I use to de-clutter my home. If I haven't used it in a year (or more) and it's clearly not a seasonal item (Christmas, Thanksgiving), then it goes bye-bye. I, too, am one who is highly motivated to organize and de-clutter my home. Shelving, anywhere you can put them is a great way to start organizing. It sounds to me like you are on the right track.

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answers from Rochester on

First, be totally brutal when you go through your things...I had to start doing this (I have sooo much "stuff.") If you haven't seen it or used it in awhile, and are holding on to it "just in case"...get rid of it, unless you can't replace it and are really going to need it.

Second, let everything that comes into your house only have ONE resting spot. For example, open your mail immediately, throw/recycle the junk, and file what you need to, put the mags in the rack, etc...when you are shopping, ask yourself, "Do I have something else that can do what this does? And do I have a very good place to put this?"

I had to start doing all that, too...and it's worked great, but it can be a long process of reformation.

For organization/storage, I like double duty things, like a coffee table with large baskets underneath, or a footstool that opens up.

For children's stuff, do not buy the open toy bins that sit on the metal bars (you know the kind...vertical metal bars for shelves, and brightly colored plastic bins in rows)...they don't hold much, a lot of toys don't fit into them, all the toys collect dust, and they are hard to keep, an eyesore. I made that mistake, but now I've found a much better thing...they sell (probably at a lot of places, I got mine at Target) these shelving units that are like nine cubes, nice wood can use them as shelves, or buy the fabric bin drawers to go in. I bought the drawers, and all the toys/crafts/etc are neatly tucked away. When my daughter wants to play with a set of toys, she just takes the bin out, plays with it, and clean up is so easy...back into the bin, back on the shelf! And they are pretty.

I also live in a small place, so I utilize as much space as I can. Metal shelving units in the closet, roll t-shirts and socks and squish in, boxes under the beds, and throw away everything you can! :)

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answers from Portland on

Hello Mama

I love to use shoe boxes for inexpensive storage. Either with or without the lids, they help me keep things where they belong, and shoe boxes stack well.

The key is to develop a plan and stick with it. Start small, like all coats will be hung-up here, and you'll be amazed how fast it takes off.

R. Magby



answers from Wichita Falls on

Check out



answers from New York on

Take and honest inventory/assessment of all you have. Do you use all of it?

When was the last time you used your stuff? Don't be afraid to get rid of things and don't be particularly sentimental about stuff. Stuff that is important to you should be put on display or in a safe for safe keeping but your shouldn't be hesitant to get rid of things you wont be using on a regular basis.


answers from Phoenix on

Is there space under your bed where you can store the long tots that are flat and store clothes in there ?

Find end tables and coffee tables and foot rests that have a hinge type flap thing that can store things inside.



answers from Honolulu on

I have the rule that if it doesn't have an "away" then I don't need it enough to actually keep it. Things I love find themselves aways while those I do not.... don't.

On getting cheap stuff to organize in, well Craig list and freecycle are great... same for getting rid of thing that don't have aways.



answers from New York on

When it comes to this subject, I'm probably not the best person to ask because my house is very cluttered. However, two things that helped are having a few nice baskets laying arround. I use these for my "catch alls". The other is we recently updated my daughters room with some bright colors, so I bought some rubbermaid containers that match the room for her to put her stuff in that she doesn't use often. The containers are stacked neatly in the corner of her room.



answers from Philadelphia on

Check out IKEA. I think they have a slogan about living "vertically". They also have decorative shelving units that incorporate the TV stand or a movable kitchen island that can also work as a table. I think they have a lot of dual function pieces.

Another thing is that everything in your house should have a place to belong. If it doesn't donate it because it is just adding clutter to your living space.

As far as managing papers, I have one binder that all bank statement, insurance papers, 401 statements gets put into. I don't keep my old telephone, electric cable bills etc. I have never needed them. I keep a years worth of credit card statement though. Every month I put the latest statement on top and throw out the bottom statement. They are secured by a rubber band. (I have 2 credit cards).

I also go through the toy box at Christmas and birthdays when I know new stuff will becoming in. We donate anything that has not been played with. My daughter feels so good inside knowing another child will get use out of her used toys.

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