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Updated on April 09, 2009
A. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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I would love to have a house cleaner come into my house. I have had one come a few random times, but have not really found one that I have particuarly liked. I am wondering if I am expecting too much. I guess my question is, how detailed should I expect a cleaning service to be. I am a VERY particualr house cleaner and I feel as though if I am paying someone they should do a good job as well. Also, what should I expect to pay someone to clean my home. It is 1475 square feet and 3 beedrooms/2 bathrooms. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide!

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I don't know much about how much to expect to pay but I have a good friend who cleans homes. She is quick and thorough and everyone loves her work. I know that she is reasonable too. Her name is Amy and her number is ###-###-####.
Give her a call for more info...

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A., I have had a cleaning service for 26 years now since my third child was born. This is how I have come to look at it over the years. Yes, they will never clean the way you want them to, but they do alot of the stuff I can't and don't want to, so in the areas they lack, I just either do over myself or just enjoy the rest of the house being clean. Whenever I would complain, my husband would say then fire them and we do it ourselves (with his help). That usually lasted a couple of weeks, and bam, right back to hiring cleaning services.

When you first hire them, they always do a great job for a couple of months, then they slack off. I will make a list of the things I didn't like and tell them the next time they come. I just recently told the head girl that she is on the phone too much and not paying attention to detail and what the other girls are doing. Don't be afraid to tell them if they haven't done something to your liking.

The service I use now has been with me for 3 years, and they only raised me once from $65. to $75. I think I am one of their original customers still with them. I would imagine you will pay at least $70. It really depends on if they are a big company or one-person business.

Good luck in your search.

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We have used two house cleaning services in the past few years. First, the Maids, which charges a bit more, but they clean and sanitize your home and are VERY detail oriented. Plus they have a 24 hour reclean guarantee. If something isn't done to your liking they will return in 24 hours and reclean. We had them coming once a month and it was around $250 for our 2100 sq. ft home. They also change sheets for free included in the price.

We also used the Cleaning Authority. They were also very thorough and I believe offer the same guarantee, though we didn't use it. The rotate detail clean areas rather than do the "extra" scrubbing everytime. We were very satisfied with this service, although sheets were $3 per bed each time, it only cost $108 and was every two weeks.

Both these companies have websites so you can search and see the extra services they provide.



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I would say you get what you pay for. You can't expect a person to do the best job when they aren't getting paid or feelin valued. I'm not saying you need to spend a fortune to get a well cleaned home but if you want someone to care for their job the employer must care for them!
Good luck in you search!



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Hi A.,

I'm also quite particular about how my house is cleaned, and I was very fortunate to find our current house cleaner. I pay $80 for them (usually 2 girls, but sometimes only 1) to come ever other week to clean my 3,829 square foot home (5 bed/3 bath). Since I have 2 small kids, having a house cleaner is essential! If you would like contact information for my house cleaner, please send me a message via my profile. Hope that helps!

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