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Updated on September 06, 2011
T.C. asks from Deep Gap, NC
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So my dog is 12 weeks old, he is a siberian husky. I am doing the same things with him that i did with my other dog (she litterally was trained in 2 days). Which is taking him out around every 30 minutes or if he starts sniffing around. which seems to be doing good, he has a some accidents still though.

the worst thing, is i put him in the crate at night and he floods it, i mean there is usually pee pouring out the sides, and this isnt because i am being cruel and not taking him, he will do it as soon as i leave the room. I even got up a few times during the night to take him and he still flooded...... Has this happened to anyone else....

I really cant afford any professional training, so i need advice....


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answers from Columbia on

The bottom line is that the crate is too big.

I know you feel like you need to buy a crate that he can grow into, but you actually can't. There are crates with adjustable walls in the back so you can make it smaller. There should only be JUST enough room for him to lie down in it with his legs out to the side. Any more and you can expect him to soil it.

Dogs will not soil where they sleep. But they will go in the other corner of their crate if that crate is too big.

If he still goes in a smaller/adjustable crate, then the problem is physiolgical. Talk to the vet.

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answers from St. Louis on

If he is going in his crate you may need to have him checked for a physical issue. Dogs tend to hold it forever in there unless the crate is too big for him and he can make himself a restroom area. Even the smartest dog seems to be too dumb to realize pee is self-leveling. :p My ex's mom's Boarder Collie used to do this until she got a crate divider.

Okay just like a child having accidents I would suggest you take away his water early enough that he hasn't drank in three hours when you take him out for his goodnight pee.

Debbie she crates him at night because he isn't housebroken, that is how you housebreak a dog they go in their crate when you can't watch them.

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answers from Chicago on

I am currently training a female rottweiler/ausi shephard mix. She is doing really well and overnight does not do anything unless my girls don't get up on time to take her out in the morning. Still having accidents but I think overall, pretty good. I don't really have advise but will say that when I was younger, we had a siberian husky. He was just gorgeous but oh my gosh STUBBORN. He was almost a year when we got him, not trained well (previous owner was disabled and not able to do much). But we did finally get him to only go outside. No crates since we did not have any but he would get chained during the day so he would not destroy stuff for the first few months. You could hear him howl a block away. At one point though, we did have problems with him because he had issues digesting his food. The vet found this out. I would have him checked to make sure there are no underlying problems. Huskies do take strategic, for lack of a better word, training but can be awesome pets. I would love to get one but I just cannot deal with it at this point--plus all the shedding that would come every spring. Once you find out why he is doing what he does, you can work on stopping it. It may be a matter of not liking the cage and that is why he wets it right away.

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answers from Johnson City on

We crate trained both our dogs... a miniature schnauzer and a yorkiepoo.
The schnauzer never went in his crate... he goes outside. We used his old crate for the yorkiepoo and she went in it because it was too big. I put a puppy pad in the front to encourage her to use pads... took about 6 months to completely train her.

The schnauzer still has a crate and the yorkiepoo has a playpen that we bought on I put them both in the crate and playpen at night because I didn't like the surprises I got with the first dog we had... getting up to step in a mess when I was half asleep wasn't fun. But.. the main reason I put them in the crate/playpen at night is I fear a house fire and I know if that were to happen I can find them to get them out. I have heard stories of animals hiding when they are scared and wouldn't want that to happen.

Good luck!


answers from Kansas City on

husky's are very family orienentated and he may really be sad or upset about being put in the crate. do you have a big box you could maybe put him in next to the bed and each night move it a little further away? you could also check out the website for animal planet. they have that Dogs 101 show and it tells you all about different breeds of dogs. maybe there would be some good advice on there.



answers from Chattanooga on

How much liquids is he getting at night? Can you put a few puppy pads as a liner in the bottom to absorb the mess? Most people crate when they are not home any reason you are doing this at night



answers from Memphis on

The best book I ever bought for dog training was The Idiot's Guide to Dog Training. Give your dog water, but pick it up at a certain time. Some people give water and pick it up throughout the day...he's gonna have to go about 30 minutes later. Go walk him...walking is better than just letting outside alone...and when he goes PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE. Don't punish after the fact because the dog has no idea why you are punishing him and just learns to fear you. Also, for a young new dog, tethering him to you while you are home works wonders...that means just tethering him to you with the leash. Then he can't wander off and do what comes natural...

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