House Smells of Burt Food Smoke. Best Way to Help It Leave.

Updated on May 18, 2010
M.P. asks from Orem, UT
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Last night I was stupid and turned on the wrong burner on the stove and instead of boiling water, it started to burn cup cakes. The house filled with smoke and it still smells of. We opened all the windows and have febreezed the house, but it still smells. I'm hoping the downpour of rain could help the smell (love the rain smell!!!) But so far nothing. HELP!!

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answers from Washington DC on


The only way I know how to get the smell is out is by opening all the windows and washing EVERYTHING - since smoke can permeate anything and everything!!! I had to wash my walls when I did that!! So I feel your pain!! My burner went into superheat mode and I had turned my back for a minute to set the table - urgh - it was nasty!!!

Leave the windows open and wash the walls - oh yeah - spray with the spray that takes the bad smells out - is it Oust? I used febreeze on the furniture that I couldn't "wash" - I have leather furniture in one room - so I washed those with a MILD detergent.

Hope this helps!!

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answers from Austin on

Opening the windows and blowing fans is great.. Make sure you washed everything in the kitchen (fabrics really absorb and hold onto odors.. Curtains, seat cushions, dish towels) Make sure you clean them

.. . Make sure you threw out the trash with the burned items. If you washed the burned food down the garbage disposal, pour baking soda and vinegar down there.. Then place ice cubes down there and run the disposal. This should clean and flush that out..

Coffee grounds, Baking soda, Vanilla all absorb odors.. Burning a vanilla candle will really help, but you do not have a good history with fire, so you may want to skip that, Hee, Hee,, Just kidding..
I guess you can tell I have had lots of experiences with burning things in the kitchen..

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answers from Chicago on

One year we had a problem with the beetles that smelled really bad if you stepped on them. I sprayed white vinegar on the carpet, the stone mantle of the fireplace and the cloth furniture. It smelled bad for about 5 minutes and then it smelled fine. You may have to wash the walls but try spraying the vinegar. hth!



answers from Pittsburgh on

When my dog was skunked, I received the following tips:

Boils water with cinnamon and cloves (or boil vinegar but that smells worse than the skunk! haha)

Put dishes of ground coffee around. It's an amazing odor absorber.

Good luck!

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