House Clean up After Family Has the Stomach Flu

Updated on December 25, 2008
A.E. asks from Waukee, IA
12 answers

I was just wondering what all you did to clean up the house after your family had the flu. We are washing the sheets and everything that we touched, but what about the stuff you can not put in the washing machine...? carpet we will vaccum but is there anything else I should put on it, what about the couch and the chairs...
any suggestions would be helpful.
I also have used the lysol wipes on hard surfaces, I just do not want to miss anything and have us get sick all over again!

Thanks ladies

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So What Happened?

It's all gone!!
Thanks, we opened windows brrr and sprayed everything down used wipes on most everything in the house. My daughter didn't get what we had thankfully!

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answers from St. Cloud on

I hope you are feeling better! You got great advice! I am totally going to use the air mattress idea!
The only thing I have to add is to open the window, even though it's FREEZING out! Just for a few minutes a couple times a day. I always feel like my house is cleaner if I let fresh air in!

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answers from Sioux City on

It sounds like you have some good advice and you have thought of a lot of great ideas on your own. One thing we do when a child comes down with the flu is to break out the air mattress. The sick one sleeps on the it for quick clean up. You can wipe them down easily and put the child were ever is most convenient for you. The one we use for sick kids is just a single so I can easily put it in the shower and lysol it if it is to bad. I have saved many a bed.

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answers from Appleton on

It sounds as if you've been pretty thorough, and the virus itself won't live on the soft surfaces like the couch and chairs. Also, once you have the flu, you become immune to that particular strain so you won't get it again. This is the same way that flu shots work. But it is a good idea to clean up your house just in case it's a different bug other than the flu, and if it was the flu at least you won't pass it on to others. Good luck with everything, and have a Merry Christmas!
B. M.

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answers from Minneapolis on


I sprayed Lysol over every doorknob, lightswitch, handle, arm rest, keyboard, phone, faucet, etc. It's hard to get your house feeling clean again after a stomach flu. FYI, when your baby gets older, flu clean up will include cleaning the carpets because it takes them a while to learn to throw up in the toilet. (The joys of parenthood.) :)

Good luck,

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answers from Milwaukee on

I'm sorry you all were so sick! What an terrible feeling to have all of you ill! One thing that I didn't see specifically in your post, but perhaps you've already done this... using the lysol wipes on door knobs and the light switches. It's something that everybody touches and we rarely think to disinfect. And as far as the carpets, and upholstery... steam clean maybe? Otherwise I know there is a certain type of Fabreeze spray that is antimicrobial formula. Good luck cleaning! And look on the bright side, at least you won't be sick for the holidays! :) Take Care!

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answers from Cedar Rapids on

my whole house came down with the flu last winter (minus me OF COURSE) and while it wasn't the stomach flu, I sprayed everything down with lysol (matresses, couch, pillows) washed every darn blanket bedsheet in our house and then I sat up one night after the sickies had gone to bed early and washed all the toys the girls had been playing with with bleach water.
Good luck. I'm very happy I don't have pukers at my house (knock on wood)



answers from Duluth on

the best thing i have heard is, even in the winter, open the windows for around 10 minutes every day. of course if its like FRIGID (i consider this to be anywhere below 10-15 degrees F ABOVE) you shouldnt, but it is ok for 10 minutes or so to open the windows and let the cool air blow the 'junk' out of the air of your house.

:D good luck! fresh air helps everything!



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi A.
sounds like you are doing a great job I would also go around with the lysol spray and spray the couch and anything else you touched that can not be washed or wiped down. Good luck hope you all feel better soon. T.



answers from St. Cloud on

Spray a little Lysol around, it does wonders.



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi A.,

You've gotten great advice. I wanted to add a couple of things that you may already be doing, but may have been missed.

~Toilet handle (even though everyone is supposed to wash their hands)
~New toothbrushes (should be replaced often, anyway....could also be a good stocking stuffer)

Good luck. I doubt you'll get it back, but it could help with any other germs that could come your way.



answers from Des Moines on

Ugh, I feel your pain, especially the first bout of it! SOunds like you have a pretty good plan, and are doing most everything possible. When we couldn't get rid of it a few years back, I went around with the wipes and lysol spray on additional stuff you may not think of like:
-computer keyboard & mouse
-remote control
pretty much anything you touch throughout the day and don't really think about. And give the bathrooms a GOOD cleaning...even the handle on the toilet!

You probably will be on edge for the next week or so until the memory However you may never forget...I was holding my son when he puked down my neck and side. BLAH!! That was probably 5 years ago! GOOD LUCK! Take notes, it won't be the last time!



answers from Minneapolis on

I've sprayed the carpets and even my microfiber couches with Lysol, especially if they've unloaded their bodily fluids on them.
Make sure you use the wipes on EVERYTHING, including light switches, telephones, remote controls, toys, keyboards, hand rails, door knobs, faucets, etc. and mop all hard floors with germ killing cleaner.
And wash all machine washable items on HOT for at least 10 minutes.
I also run the toothbrushes through the dishwasher on a regular basis.
Last year was a nightmare for us with the stomach flu. My 2 boys passed in back and forth for a couple months. When When I got fed up and super paranoid doing all items above, we finally got rid of it. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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